Core Curriculum

A listing of courses required for College of Business degrees and programs.

The College of Business at the University of West Florida is accredited by AACSB International, the highest level of accreditation available to a college or school of business. As such, the College believes that it is in the student's best interest to take all junior/upper level courses at UWF. These courses are typically taught by academically or professionally qualified faculty members as defined in the College's policy on faculty qualifications.

The College of Business has policies pertaining to acceptance of transfer courses and acceptance of courses completed more than ten years ago. Students should seek guidance from College of Business advisors on these matters. Request for derivation from department, program, or school requirements are granted only by written approval from the respective chairperson or dean.

 College of Business Core
 BUL 3130 Legal Environment of Business 
 FIN 3403 Managerial Finance 
 GEB 3213 Writing for Business: Theory and Practice 
 GEB 3453 Business Ethics and Stakeholder Management 
 GEB4361 International Business 
 ISM 3011 e-Business Systems Fundamentals 
 MAN 3025 Management Fundamentals 
 MAN 3504 Operations Management 
 MAN 4720 Policy Analysis and Formulation 
 MAR 3023 Marketing Fundamentals