Program Description

The program primarily targets working professionals with non-business undergraduate degrees who desire formal business education to support existing or anticipated responsibilities in their career tracks. The Graduate Business Foundations Certificate also provides the foundation for further graduate study in business and administration. Depending on the options chosen, a participant can complete many of the foundational courses necessary to enter the Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program or apply the courses toward the Master of Science in Administration (MSA) Program.

In addition to meeting general University requirements participants must successfully complete the prescribed courses earning a grade of "C" or better in each course and a combined grade point average for all the certificate courses equal to 3.0 or better. Courses are listed below:

Business Foundations:

  • GEB5870 E-Business Systems
  • GEB5871 Managerial Economics
  • GEB5872 Financial Management I
  • GEB5873 Financial Management II
  • GEB5874 Financial Management III
  • GEB5875 Management Skills and App
  • GEB5876 Marketing Management
  • GEB5879 Business Analytics

(Additional courses may be added or substituted to meet specific needs of organizations and/or programs for which the certificate is delivered under agreement with the College of Business.)