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MBA Program

Our AACSB accredited MBA is designed for the time-constrained working professional, with a comprehensive integrated curriculum geared toward current business practices.

The program assures participants of course availability, fixed schedules, a specified start date and a specified finish date. For those without a business study background, combining the MBA Program with the Accelerated MBA Foundations makes it possible for the qualified applicant to complete the MBA at UWF in no more than two years.

The program admits applicants who will commit to taking two courses per term in a prescribed sequence. Thus, we build a cohort of participants that track through the program at the same rate and take the same course load. This results in developing a comfortable working relationship with other members of your "cohort". In addition, the student-to-student learning, the personal interaction that occurs between experienced professionals, will be enhanced.

At the end of a student's MBA program, a completed MBA portfolio must be presented to the MBA Director in order to receive a degree.

MBA - General Business

The program of study leading to the MBA with General Emphasis is 33 semester hours and designed to provide both a general view of business and a specialized focus through the Portfolio. The program prepares graduates for leadership positions such as analyst, consultant and manager in a wide variety of organizational settings in many different industries.


Areas of Emphasis*

Students may choose to add an area of emphasis to their MBA. An MBA degree with a specialization becomes a 33-36 semester hour program, depending on the area of emphasis.

*Note: All coursework for specializations (with the exception of Hospitality and Tourism Leadership) is online and may not be available in all states. If you are an out-of-state student, please review our State Authorization Status to confirm that the program is available in your state.

MBA - Accounting Emphasis

The program of study leading to the MBA with Accounting Emphasis is 36 semester hours and develops the graduate student's conceptual understanding of current and emerging issues facing the accounting profession, advanced skills in the field, and research and communication skills commensurate with the requirements of the accounting profession. Graduates of this program pursue careers in public accounting as auditors, consultants and tax practitioners; in industry as financial and operational managers; and in government in a variety of roles.

For the Accounting area of emphasis, the equivalent of significant undergraduate course work in Accounting is required.

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MBA - Business Analytics Emphasis

The program of study leading to the MBA with an Emphasis in Business Analytics is 36 semester hours and relates business analytics to specific managerial decision-making scenarios.  Students will learn the role of analytics as a data-driven decision support toolbox for managers in various business environments.  Students will be able to communicate to management the appropriate types of data mining to apply in a business scenario given the data set and organizational context. Students will learn how to plan a research study related to a given industry, collect relevant data, and submit a report of findings and recommendations.  Analysis will be done as to the impact of each recommended course of action and effective arguments will be developed to support recommendations.  The importance of data integrity and data privacy will be emphasized.

MBA - Entrepreneurship Emphasis

The program of study leading to the MBA with an Emphasis in Entrepreneurship is 36 semester hours and engages participants in the processes necessary to convert business ideas into well-structured plans for new business ventures. Graduates of this program pursue careers such as entrepreneur, small business owner and product developer.

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MBA - Hospitality and Tourism Leadership Emphasis

The program of study leading to the M.B.A. with an Emphasis in Hospitality and Tourism Leadership is 36 semester hours. Students will learn to analyze key elements of a complex global hospitality and tourism problem or opportunity and develop defensible recommendations. Effective written analytical presentations of the hospitality and tourism issues will be created and original oral presentations of the analysis will also be developed and delivered. 

MBA - Human Resources Emphasis

The program of study leading to the MBA with an Emphasis in Human Resource Management is 36 credit hours and develops the student’s ability to evaluate the relationship between human resource management and organizational strategy. Students learn how to conduct effective interviews and evaluate bases of pay, including incentives and pay for performance systems. Ethical issues related to compensation and benefits are addressed and students learn to design and develop effective training programs. 

MBA - Information Security Management Emphasis

The program of study leading to the MBA with an Emphasis in Information Security Management is 36 credit hours and develops policies and procedures that ensure the safety of an organization’s information assets without harming the productivity of the organization. Students will learn how to perform risk assessments to identify potential threats and how to design mitigation plans. The student will be able to articulate conceptual and technical aspects of information security management solutions to fellow team members as well as to managers and clients. Identifying ethical dilemmas that can occur in the context of cybersecurity is also included. Learning how to design, develop and build an Information Security Management solution is an integral part of this certificate. 

MBA - Supply Chain Logistics Management Emphasis

The program of study leading to the MBA with a Supply Chain Logistics Management Emphasis is 36 semester hours and focuses on developing the graduate student's knowledge in core areas important to creating supply chain logistics strategies, managing transportation and distribution operations, and cross-functional decision-making leveraging logistics resources and competencies. Graduates of the program are prepared for a variety of careers in the marketing and managing of logistics, transportation, and distribution services including positions such as supply chain logistics strategist, global intermodal transportation manager, and logistics distribution and terminal operations manager.

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Program Contact

For additional information about the Finish in Five MBA program, or to schedule an appointment to speak with someone from the MBA Department, please feel free to contact us by e-mail (, or by phone (850-474-3124). To be better prepared, please print out and review the degree plan in which you are interested in pursuing.

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