Dr. Helena Allman

  • Position:  Assistant Professor
  • Department:  Marketing, Supply Chain Logistics, and Economics
  • Office Location:  Bldg 53 Room 120H
  • Campus: 8504742668


Dr. Helena F. Allman is an Assistant Professor in the Marketing and Economics Department. Her research interests include Marketing Strategy and International Business.

She examines branding – strategies, product line extensions, and the impact on consumers’ decisions to purchase them. Allman’s research covers global brands and whether their country of origin influences a consumer’s decision on whether to buy the product. She has studied cross-cultural differences in business environment, behavior and decision-making – particularly important in the global economy.

Allman joined UWFs faculty in 2013 after she earned a Ph.D. in Business Administration from the University of South Carolina.

Her published research includes examination of brand image and how it is shaped by the product’s country of origin, the brand concept and vertical line extensions. She has focused on the perception of made-in-China products as well as medical tourism and factors that shape a firm’s success when it tries new international ventures.

Allman’s work has appeared in such publications and proceedings asSociety of Marketing Advances, Academy of Business Research, and Academy of International Business.

Her research has won recognition, including the Best Research Dissertation Proposal Award from the Society of Marketing Advances in 2012.