Dr. Harriette Bettis-Outland


Dr. Harriette Bettis-Outland, an Associate Professor of Marketing, has both personal and professional experience in Customer Relationship Management, one of the courses she teaches and studies.

After obtaining an MBA from the University of North Carolina, Bettis-Outland spent two years in banking and 11 years with IBM, where she was a systems engineer and a sales manager.

As a systems engineer, she helped configure IBM mainframe systems for such major clients as Ford Motor Co., Amoco Chemicals and General Motors. As a sales manager for IBM’s Lotus Division, Bettis-Outland developed and implemented strategic plans with executive management for such clients as Michelin, Milliken &Co., and Glaxosmithkline Pharmaceuticals.

In 2005 she received a doctorate in marketing from Georgia State University.

A UWF faculty member since 2003, she focuses her research on customer relationship management; marketing strategy with a focus on long-term planning; dissemination and use of market intelligence to improve competitive B2B customers; organizational learning; strategic executive trade show management; and trade show exhibition marketing research.

Her work includes studies of trade shows impact on innovation and competitiveness, and Electronic Customer Relationship Management.

Bettis-Outland’s work has appeared in books, cases and courses, and it has been published in Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, Journal of Business Research, and Journal of Strategic Marketing, among others.

She also has been co-editor of two special issues for the Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing.