Dr. K. Blaine Lawlor

  • Position:  Associate Professor
  • Department:  Management and MIS
  • Office Location:  Bldg 76A Room 313
  • Campus: 8504742277


Dr. K. Blaine Lawlor, an Associate Professor, teaches the capstone strategy class where he works with students as they conduct case studies of local businesses.

Lawlor has 21 years experience in the private sector, giving him a rich background for discussing business situations.

After receiving his MBA from the University of Western Ontario, he spent 21 years in progressively responsible positions at a major petroleum company, Shell Canada Limited. He developed, managed and implemented a Shell Aviation credit card, helped lead a subsidiary to profitability, and helped convert an internal marketing department into a freestanding subsidiary. He also was President of the Board of Directors of the Shell Employees Credit Union, an $80 million enterprise.

The College of Business honored Lawlor in 2016 by naming him its E.W. Hopkins Faculty Member of the Year.

Lawlor earned a Ph.D. in Strategic Management from Oklahoma State University in 2009.

While at UWF he has conducted research on emotional intelligence and transformational leadership, entrepreneurial motivation, and the financial challenges facing Netflix, Comcast and other major companies. Lawlor’s work has been published in Southeast Case Research Association Journal, Small Business Institute Journal, Journal of Applied Management and Entrepreneurship, and elsewhere.

As the capstone instructor in the strategy class of the MBA program, he oversees graduate students who study local businesses and offer advice to the owners. More than 45 organizations have been studied  -- lawn services, spas, nonprofit agencies and hotels, among others. Students take material they have learned first-hand and give presentations in classes and at conferences.

He and his students have been involved in many notable efforts, winning the Small Business Institute Conference’s Best Paper Award in 2015-16 and the 2016 Best Student Case Award at the Southeast Case Research Association.