Global Leadership Development Program

A program that drives students through the fascinating process of developing their professional and managerial profiles in their specific areas of interest, by taking on the incredible task of projecting, developing, opening and managing a simulated Hotel or Resort, while completing their real industry practicum. An incredible learning experience that allows them to test, in real scenarios, what they learn in class.

GLDP is a very innovative and complete approach to learning. It has been carefully and strategically crafted from beginning to end, based on our industry needs and requirements, to ensure that our students discover all the possibilities this industry offers, and understand their own potential, their skills and abilities, and they maximize them. They will garner all the required know-how, the tools and the knowledge required, in order to develop as professionals, as leaders, and ultimately as Managers, ready to dive into the highly demanding Hospitality workforce, in top leading positions, at some of the world’s most renowned hospitality brands.

800 hours of real industry exposure, supported by a 3 progressively staged course work-flow, drive our students through getting to experience realistic hotel and resort development and management in class. It develops within a simulated, team-based environment, grouping students based on their skills, passions, and strengths, and using the latest technologies, to work on some of the most enriching project-oriented learning activities related to the Hospitality and Tourism Industry, but most specifically, the amazing world of Hotels and Resorts.

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3 Stages... 3 Courses... 3 Experiences


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