Dr. Bruce L. Davidson

  • Position:  Assistant Professor
  • Department:  Accounting and Finance
  • Office Location:  Bldg 76 Room 217
  • bdavidson1@uwf.edu
  • Campus: 8504742916


Dr. Bruce L. Davidson, who is an Assistant Professor of Accounting, researches judgment and decision-making in accounting and auditing.

He teaches Cost/Managerial Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis.

After obtaining a Masters degree in accountancy and his Certified Public Accounting license in 1996, Davidson worked for private companies and government agencies before earning a Ph.D. in Accounting at Florida State University in 2010.

Davidson is co-author of “Can a Code of Ethics Improve Manager Behavior and Investor Confidence?” It was published in The Accounting Review.

The Journal of Information Systems published a study by Davidson: “The Effect of Continuous Auditing on the Relationship between Internal Auditing Sourcing and the External Auditor’s Reliance on the Internal Audit Function.”

Among Davidson’s recent studies:

•The effect of audit partner rotation in constraining financial managers’ aggressive reporting

• Moral predisposition as a determinant of budget certification effectiveness.”

•Misattribution of company specific information

•The role of mnemonics

In 2016 the College of Business recognized his accomplishments by naming Davidson a winner of its E.W. Hopkins Faculty Development Awards.

Previously, Davidson received an award for his teaching at Florida State University. When he was a student at the University of South Florida, Davidson posted the highest grade point average in his graduating class.