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Review Notes

Discovering Computers 2004

Lesson 01: Essential Introduction to Computers

How to use Interactive Labs

Windows XP and Microsoft Office XP

Lesson 02: Windows XP and Office XP

Microsoft Word 2002

Lesson 03: Word 2002: Creating and Editing a Word Document
Lesson 04: Word 2002: Creating a Research Paper
Lesson 05: Word 2002: Creating a Resume Using a Wizard and a Cover Letter with a Table
Lesson 06: Word 2002: Web Feature: Creating Web Pages Using Word

Microsoft PowerPoint 2002

Lesson 07: PowerPoint 2002: Using a Design Template and Text Slide Layout to Create a Presentation
Lesson 08: PowerPoint 2002: Using the Outline Tab and Clip Art to Create a Slide Show
Lesson 09: PowerPoint 2002: Web Feature: Creating a Presentation on the Web Using PowerPoint

Microsoft Excel 2002

Lesson 10: Excel 2002: Creating a Worksheet and Embedded Chart
Lesson 11: Excel 2002: Formulas, Functions, Formatting, and Web Queries
Lesson 12: Excel 2002: What-If Analysis, Charting, and Working with Large Worksheets
Lesson 13: Excel 2002: Web Feature: Creating Static and Dynamic Web Pages Using Excel

Microsoft Access 2002

Lesson 14: Access 2002: Creating a Database Using Design and Datasheet Views
Lesson 15: Access 2002: Querying a Database Using the Select Query Window
Lesson 16: Access2002: Maintaining a Database Using the Design and Update Features of Access
Lesson 17: Access2002: Web Feature: Publishing to the Internet Using Data Access Pages


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