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Welcome to the course.  Beginning with the basics, this course assumes no prerequisites. By the end of the course, you will know  computer and networking concepts, computer operating system, applications, productivity software (word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation graphics.), the most strategic ways in which to connect to the Internet, conduct online research.  Here is a general overview of the navigation buttons to get around this site. 
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  • Course Info - The course information on office hours, assignments, test, grading, grading scale, and attendance policy. You can also access your classmates' picture, biography on this page.
  • Syllabus - The syllabus outlines the learning goals and objectives for this course and documents learner performance standards and methods to be used for assessment of that performance.
  • Calendar - Topics, readings, associated assignments and due dates are listed here in sequence by week for easy reference and quick access.
  • Assignments - This page lists all the assignments you should complete for this course.
  • Review Notes - Click on this button and you can get to the review notes on each module you study in this course.
  • WebCT - Click on this button and you can get to the login page to WebCT.
  • F. A. Q. - This page contains most frequently asked questions.
  • Resources - Web-sites, search engines,  Web browsers, Web-page design tools, tutorials, multimedia, plug-ins, and references that serve as supporting material.

How to contact your instructor -

Instructor: Linda Lemley
Address: Pensacola Junior College
Department of Computer Science
Building 17, Room 1735
1000 College Boulevard
Pensacola, Florida 32504
Voice Mail: (850) 484-1148
Fax: (850) 484-1865
Email: llemley@pjc.edu


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For more information, please contact Ms. Linda Lemley by phone or email.

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