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First Day of Class

Welcome to CGS1570 class. First, each student will first create his/her SIMnet account and then sign in to the appropriate CGS1570 course. You will need your SIMnet registration code that came with the purchase of your textbook for this course. You can buy the textbook and the registration code at the Pensacola State College bookstores or at Textbook Brokers (phone number: 850-477-3612) in Pensacola. You can also buy the registration code online with your credit card or PayPal during the registration process. It costs $120 to purchase the registration code online. If you do not have a registration code you can still create a temporary account that will let you use SIMnet as of the first day of class. This is discussed in the following paragraphs.

REGISTRATION PROCESS:  For information, you can read the document Registering_Your_SimNet_Online_Account. It is very important that during the first part of the registration process you select SIMnet 2016 - In Practice - Office - Custom-Pensacola State ($120.00). Then make sure when asked to enter your first name to type your legal first name (not nickname or other name) in the First Name box and your last name in the box reserved for your Last Name .

Go to https://pensacolastate.simnetonline.com/sp/ to register your SIMnet account. Your instructor will give you the course section number that you will use to register for the particular CGS1570 course you are taking. Each CGS1570 class that meets at a different time will have a different section number. So make sure you have the correct 4-digit section number that followed by the instructor’s name, i.e. 2017-2 Section xxxx (Lemley, MW).

TEMPORARY ACCOUNT: Click “No, but I Have a Code” on the school’s SIMnet homepage during your registration process. There is a check box for a free trial period during the registration process where you can complete your assignments without the registration code. The free trial can lasts up to 14 days.

BROWSERS: SIMnet doesn't have many requirements. For instance, beyond a browser with the Adobe Flash Player plug-in, there is absolutely nothing to install to begin using SIMnet. You can go to https://mhqa.simnetonline.com/sp/#requirements to check if your system is ready.

REQUIREMENT: You cannot take this course without an access code as more than half of all learning and testing activities will take place on the Web using SIMnet.

HELP: You can download the help file SIMnet Student Guide if you have any questions or contact McGraw-Hill technical support by calling 1-800-331-5094 or accessing the online support at http://mpss.mhhe.com.

MICROSOFT OFFICE 2013: All take home tests must be completed using Microsoft Office 2016. A free copy of Microsoft Office 365 can be downloaded with an valid Pensacola State College PirateMail account at the following Website:


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For more information, please contact Dr. Linda Lemley by phone or email.

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