Research Resources

Research Resources participate in the implementation of a wide range of studies, particularly small to medium scale surveys, at the request of administrators within the institution. In addition, statistical analyses and data reports are completed and generated for students, faculty, staff, and UWF administration.

The CEPS-OASP supports a range of support from consultation on assessments and carrying out the data analysis for many studies. Our services include:

Developing questionnaires/Method development

  • Developing and evaluating questionnaires
  • Instructional research planning
  • Survey planning

Conducting studies

  • Survey administration and coordination
  • Analysis of academic indicators (e.g., grade data)

Analysis and reporting

  • Psychometric analysis
  • Survey data analysis (quantitative)
  • Project summation and report writing
  • Consultation on the use of course evaluation data

Survey Research

We administer both mailed and online surveys. The CEPS-OASP team maintains strong working relationships with units within UWF (e.g., the Registrar, mailing services) in order to ensure timely and implementation of projects.