Submitting Written Projects

What type of written projects can I submit for review?

You can submit for review your dissertation proposal and your completed dissertation.

How do I submit a written project to the DSQAC for review?

To submit a proposal, attach the following documents to an email directed to the dsqac@uwf.edu. The forms can be found in the appendix to the UWF Ed.D. Dissertation Submission Process.

  1. The proposal in two digital formats (PDF and Microsoft Word).
  2. A signed copy of the most recent Dissertation Committee Review Verification Form—Parts I & II.
  3. A current iThenticate report from the latest revised version of the proposal.

To submit a dissertation, attach the following documents to an email directed to the dsqac@uwf.edu:

  1. The dissertation in two digital formats (PDF and Microsoft Word).
  2. A signed copy of the most recent Dissertation Committee Review Verification Form—Parts I & II.
  3. A current reference table.
  4. A signed, official letter verifying review by a professional editor.
  5. A current iThenticate report based on the latest revised version of the dissertation.
  6. A signed copy of the Dissertation Originality Review Verification Form.
How long will the review take?

Depending on the length of the manuscript, the completeness of the content, and the quality of the writing, a comprehensive review will take a minimum of two weeks. Be aware that the DSQAC is normally closed during holidays and semester breaks.

Will I be able to meet with the reviewer during the review process?

No, we do not schedule appointments during the review process. However, if you have questions about the review or the review form after the review process is complete, you can schedule an appointment with a staff member to discuss the items noted in the review form.

Will my chairperson and/or committee members receive a feedback form regarding my project review?

Yes, your committee will receive a DSQAC Manuscript Review Form, indicating the areas in need of revision.

What will I receive after a review?

Your committee chair will provide you a copy of the DSQAC Manuscript Review Form and will discuss with you the areas in need of revision.

Scheduling Information

Do I need an appointment or can I stop in at any time for assistance with a dissertation?

The DSQAC staff members maintain select office hours that may vary by semester; thus, you may stop by during those times. However, to assure that you obtain the focused attention you need, we recommend that you make an appointment.

How do I schedule an appointment with the DSQAC?

You can call 850-474-2798, email dsqac@uwf.edu, or stop by the office during scheduled hours.

How long do the appointments normally last?

Students can schedule 1-hour or 2-hour appointments depending on staff availability and the amount of appointments scheduled during the semester. During some semesters, we can offer only 1-hour appointment slots due to the volume of appointments scheduled.

How many appointments can I schedule per week?

Due to the limited hours available, we can schedule students for only one appointment each week.

Appointment Information

Do I have to be on campus to attend an appointment?

No, we offer in-person appointments or digital video appointments through Zoom for our distance-learning students. Zoom is whiteboard software that allows the staff member and the student to work collaboratively on a paper without being in the same room (or even the same city).

Do I need to stay in the office or at my computer during the entire appointment?

Yes, you must be present and actively engaged for the entire duration of your appointment. This is crucial for Zoom appointments, especially because so much information is presented orally or through text. Staff members reserve the right to cancel appointments at any time if the student has left the computer for an extended period of time.

What can be covered during review sessions?

We will cover everything that is listed on the Dissertation Review Form as well as general APA style. Appointments in the past have generally focused on front matter (title page, table of contents, etc.), body of the paper, end matter (references, appendices, etc.), tables, and figures. We can also discuss use of the template. Students have also sought assistance with their statistical analyses after data collection.

Dissertation Revisions

Do I need to fix the errors noted on my dissertation after a review?

Yes, you must make the corrections noted during your review. Please ensure that errors addressed during your reviews are corrected throughout your entire manuscript.

Will the DSQAC staff help re-write sections of my dissertation?

No, the DSQAC is here to provide support and guidance regarding grammar, punctuation, formatting, referencing, and structural errors in your dissertation. We can provide specific page references within the APA Manual to guide you in your revision process. However, we cannot make changes for you or re-write text.

Will the DSQAC staff catch every error in my dissertation?

DSQAC staff members are only human, so there is a possibility that we will miss some errors along the way. It is the student's responsibility to ensure the proposal or dissertation meets all University guidelines for rigor and quality during the review process.