Standard Response Time for CEPS TSS Work Orders

TSS provides technology support according to the chart below. Requests are responded to as a technician becomes available. Although most issues are resolved during the initial contact, it may be necessary to escalate or assign your issue to another member of the support staff.

There are different designated response behaviors based upon the availability of technicians and the priority of the service. 

Please remember that a response does not necessarily mean a resolution. A response means that you will be contacted within the priority's timeframe and your request will be placed in the queue for resolution.


Example of Work Order Type

Estimated Response Time

Resolution Goal

• Hardware failure

• Operating system corruption

• Failure to boot

• Viral infection


1 hour

As soon as possible


• MS Word does not open

• Unable to print

• Loss of network connectivity

1 hour

1-2 hours


• Network connectivity is slow

• Monitor color is distorted

• Unable to print to a specific printer but another is available

6 hours

1 business days

• Quote for future purchase

• Unable to burn CDs

• No sound from speakers

• Problem exists in non-critical software

1-2 business days

2-3 business days


Understanding priority issues:
As issues may severely impact your ability to work, our technicians will strive to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. However, the nature of the problem will affect the time frame in which things may be resolved. When coordinating with ITS, our office is subject to ITS's response times, available HERE.

Hardware failure - Support requires time to diagnose, order and receive the new part, perform the installation, and reconfigure the system as needed.

Operating system failure - Includes corruption of system files and settings, viral/spyware/malware infection, etc. Technicians will first attempt to repair the operating system in place. If unable to do so, user data will be backed up as best as possible, the system will be reformatted, and imaged with the base operating system and standard stock software.

Network outages - A technician will be dispatched to test network in the affected area. A work order is then generated for ITS, detailing the problem with the appropriate information , which will dispatch someone from Networks.