AXIS’ Quality and Accessibility Review Process

This page covers the quality and accessibility course review process followed by the AXIS office.

Who is Eligible?

Full-time faculty and adjuncts in the College of Education and Professional Studies (CEPS) are eligible to submit their fully online courses for quality and accessibility reveiw. To meet quality expectations, a course must meet all of the Essential Standards (3-point standards) in the QM Rubric AND achieve a score of at least 84 out of 99 possible points. To request a fully annotated copy of the QM Rubric contact the AXIS office at or 850-474-3120.

First Step: Preparing for AXIS’ Quality and Accessibility Review Process

Have you reviewed the QM Rubric and the Accessibility page?

The following checklist can help you determine if a course is ready to be submitted for review:

  • Does your course have a syllabus and grading policy?
  • Does your course have instructions on where to begin and how to access course content?
  • Do your module-level objectives use measurable verbs?
  • Are your materials and assessments aligned with your module-level objectives?
  • Are all course items, including all audio-visual components, available to the AXIS office? Sometimes instructors make items "not available" after a specified "due date." All module content, assignments, and assessments will need to be available to the AXIS office.
  • Can the AXIS office see and experience the course as a student would?
  • Is the course available in a developmental shell? Have Dr. Hastings and Megan Podsiad been added as instructors?

AXIS encourages faculty to use the QM Self-Review tool, which allows users to conduct a review of their course, before submitting their course. Use of the Self-Review can show you where your course might not be meeting the standards of the Quality Matters Rubric.  This video shows how to access and use the Self-Review tool.

Second Step: Submit Your Course

Review AXIS’ Quality and Accessibility Course Review Process so you have an understanding of how the review process works.

If your course is ready for an AXIS office review, please complete the AXIS Review form (link isn't quite ready).

Fill out my online form.