MSW Degree Plans

The UWF Department of Social Work offers three MSW programs: The Regular Track Full-time Program, Regular Track Part-time Program and Advanced Standing Program.

MSW Advanced Standing Program (Main Campus)

The Advanced Standing program is limited to students who hold the BSW degree from a CSWE accredited social work program. The program can to be completed in three to five semesters, including summer term. Students may begin during the Fall, Spring, or Summer terms The student completes 600 hours of field education during the program. Field education is completed during the week, concurrently with the classroom instruction. Please note, in order to complete the advanced standing program in three semesters, students must begin in the Summer.

MSW Traditional (60 Hours)Program (Main Campus)

The traditional program can be completed in five semesters with a Fall start date. Students also have the option to complete the program on a part-time basis with admission in any semester. The program includes 900 hours of field education. The foundation placement is for one semester (300 hours) in a foundation agency. The advanced placement is for two semesters (600 hours) in a clinical setting, in the same agency.