Intelligence Analysis Certificate

Our everyday activities, national security, and global economy depend upon a reliable and safe cyberspace. The Intelligence Analysis Certificate enhances students’ understanding of cybersecurity and aligns with in-demand jobs in cybersecurity.

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Program Description

The Intelligence Analysis Certificate is an 12-15 hour online program. Online delivery enables you to take courses in your timeframe—on your schedule. It is possible to complete all program requirements in two to four semesters.

Online degrees may not be available in all states. If you are an out-of-state student, please review our State Authorization Status to confirm that the program is available in your state.

Program Course Plan

EME 3003

Open Source Intelligence


EME 3002

Intelligence and National Security


EME 4474

Technical Intelligence Collection


EME 4001

HUMINT Operations


Recommended Option:

GIS 4035

Photo Interpretation and Remote Sensing


GIS 4035L

Photo Interpretation and Remote Sensing Lab


For more information, please see the course catalog.


Nancy B. Hastings, Ph.D.
Asoociate Professor and Chair
Phone: (850) 474-3013
Office: Bldg. 70, Room 109