Criminal Justice/Social Work

The purpose of UWF's Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice/Social Work is to facilitate the enrollment of students as dual-majors in both the Criminal Justice and Social Work Programs at the University of West Florida.*

To earn a dual major in both Criminal Justice and Social Work, students must complete the following courses (63 credit hours) in addition to university requirements.

  • SOW3203 Intro to Social Work
  • CCJ3024 American Criminal Justice System
  • SOW3103 Human Behavior in the Social Environment
  • CCJ3014 Criminology
  • SOW3313 Individuals and Families
  • CCJ3060 Moral Issues
  • SOW3350 Interviewing and Recording
  • CLP3144 Abnormal Psych
  • SOW3113 Human Behavior in Organizations and Communities
  • SOW3322 Work with Groups
  • CJL3510 Judicial Process
  • SOW4232 Policy Analysis SOW4233 Social Justice, Action, and Policies
  • CCJ4940 (3 credit hour internship: 200 hours; supervisors not necessarily MSW)
  • SOW4510 (9 credit hour internship: 400 hours; supervisors must have MSW)
  • SOW4522 Senior Seminar (with 9 hour internship)
  • CJE4110 Police in a Free Society
  • CJC4010 Punishment and Society
  • CCJ4700 Research Design in CJ

*CJ/SOW Dual Major is only available at Pensacola campus.