Social Work Agency Partnerships for Student-led Research

Dione King Emerge
Dr. Dione King

Emerge Faculty Fellow: Dr. Dione King

The proposed high-impact activity is incorporated into the undergraduate and graduate research foundations course.  Students will work in groups with one to two community social service agencies applying research concepts in a real-life setting.  The goal of this assignment is to further demonstrate the role that data and research play in social work agencies on an individual and agency level.  This semester, Community Action Program Pensacola has agreed to identify research areas of emphasis for student learning.  Students will be expected to take concepts from the course and in small groups follow the research process to meet the needs of the agency.

This project aligns with Emerge high-impact practice (HIP) activities as it meets the established HIP characteristics.  Students will spend a considerable amount of time and effort learning about the assigned agency. This may include visits to the agency, listening to guest speakers from the agency and reading about the agency and populations they assist.  These opportunities will be designed to maximize student learning.  This project will require small student groups that work with each other allowing for authentic peer relationship opportunities.  The inclusion of community-based agencies will provide students genuine learning experiences with marginalized and oppressed populations as supported by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE), our accreditation organization.  Students will apply research in a professional setting that strengthens their understanding of research-informed practice as well as practice informed research.   Students will be expected to utilize communication skills work to develop research documents, analyze findings and present them by the end of the course.

High-Impact Practices (HIPs) Utilized

  • Faculty/Student Research
  • Collaborative Assignment and Projects

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