High-Impact Practice designed to engage students in community-based applied research

Dr. Kellie O'Dare
Dr. Kellie O'Dare Wilson

Emerge Faculty Fellow: Dr. Kellie O'Dare Wilson

Delivered via the BSW and MSW Research methods courses, this HIP activity requires students to select, plan, implement, evaluate, and present an original, community-based applied research project. Students are encouraged to collaborate with an agency partner to select and design a project (either primary data collection of secondary data analyses), which will be particularly meaningful to both the student’s area of interest and for the agency’s needs. Upon completion of the research, students create a research project poster (professionally printed, conference-sized) for presentation. In the Spring semester, students will be required to present their posters at the UWF Scholars Symposium and also encouraged to present at the end of the year CEPS showcase. In addition, posters with particular merit will be submitted for presentation at local, state, or national conferences. The HIP activity is divided into 3 components: (1) Design and implementation of community-based applied research project, (2) Preparation and presentation of findings at UWF Symposium (and/or larger conference), and (3) Completion of critical reflection assignment at the end of the project.

High Impact Practices (HIPs) Utilized

  • Faculty/Student Research
  • Collaborative Assignment and Projects

For more information, please contact Dr. Kellie O'Dare Wilson at kodare@uwf.edu.