Criminal Justice in Scotland - Study Abroad

Emerge Faculty Fellows: Drs. Matthew Crow and Sara Evans

The proposed activity is the Criminal Justice in Scotland Study Abroad Program. Study abroad programs are, by nature, high-impact practices. For example, study abroad encourages engagement across differences and substantive relationships between students and faculty. The 2015 CJ in Scotland Study Abroad Program is the third time the Department of Criminal Justice has offered this opportunity for students; however, this year we are incorporating several other characteristics of high-impact practices to further enrich the program for students.

This year, students will give several presentations, develop and conduct research, participate in ongoing reflection, and work in groups. Prior to embarking on the study abroad trip, students will be assigned a topic related to crime and justice in Scotland. They will then review the literature and produce a 5-10 minute presentation of the topic at a pre-departure class meeting.

Students will also write a short paper that summarizes their findings to be shared with other students in conjunction with the presentation. These assignments are effortful and require students to apply their knowledge of crime and justice to a new situation (e.g. within the context of Scottish society).

While in Scotland, students will learn about Scottish crime and justice by attending lectures and touring various criminal justice agencies. They will also administer surveys to Scottish residents to gain a better understanding of their views on crime and justice issues.

Dr. Matthew Crow
Dr. Matthew Crow
Dr. Sara Evans
Dr. Sara Evans

High Impact Practices (HIPs) Utilized

  • Diversity/Global Learning

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