Student-Developed Conference Presentations

Dr. Christopher K. Wirth
Dr. Christopher K. Wirth

Emerge Faculty Fellow: Dr. Christopher K. Wirth

In the fall of 2013 and the spring of 2014 physical education majors in the department of HLES presented alongside faculty at physical education conferences in Florida and Georgia. While the experiences were meaningful, there is an opportunity for students to take on a greater role in the presentation proposal, development, and delivery process.

Currently, physical education students attend these two conferences every year. This HIP Activity would include: notifying students to call for proposals from these respective conferences, discussing the requirements of a proposal and explaining the review process, working with students to develop proposals that meet the specific focus areas of each conference, require regular check-ins for presentation and materials development (pending proposal acceptance), and provide multiple opportunities to practice the accepted presentation prior to attending the conference.

This HIP may include (but not require) students to collaborate with K-12 teachers in the community that they are currently working with in observation and student teaching placements. Collaboration is encouraged, however, the presentation concept must be developed by the student and approved by faculty advisors prior to contacting K-12 community partners. In addition to individual work check points and presentation practice dates, students will be required to participate in three sessions: Introduction/Brainstorming and Idea Development; Characteristics of Quality Presentations; and Conference Reflection and Lessons Learned.

High Impact Practices (HIPs) Utilized

  • Faculty/Student Research
  • Collaborative Assignment and Projects

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