Campus Health Fair

Emerge Faculty Fellows: Drs. Patsy Barrington and Debra Vinci

The proposed high-impact activity is a university health fair that includes participation from a variety of students and student groups. The health fair is organized by Community Health Education students in the Students for Health Education and Promotion (SHEP) Club.

Students enrolled in HSC 4185 Health Promotion and Planning create and present a health program, and are exhibitors at the health fair. Graduate Community Health Education students evaluate the student exhibits. The health fair is open to all students as participants and all student clubs as exhibitors.

The students organizing the health fair event are responsible for creating the marketing materials, advertising, inviting potential exhibitors from the university and the community, organizing refreshments, acquiring prize donations, coordinating the event, and providing follow up to the participants and exhibitors.

Health fairs are community events in which specifically designed health interventions are presented (Goldman & Schmalz, 2004). Participation in a health fair event involves experiential activities that provide students with an active learning platform in which valuable skills are gained (Thompson, Dempsey, Hanson, Heureque, & Smith 2009).

High Impact Practices (HIPs) Utilized

  • Collaborative Assignment/Project

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Dr. Patsy Barrington
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Dr. Debra Vinci
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 Dr. Patsy Barrington
Dr. Patsy Barrington
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Dr. Debra Vinci
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