A forum for doctoral professional development between the University of West Florida and the University of Canterbury

Emerge Faculty Fellows: Drs. Bill Evans, Byron Havard, John Platt, and Karen Rasmussen

This proposal seeks to establish a forum for the sharing of information and development of research projects between students and faculty in the UWF College of Education and Professional Studies and University of Canterbury (UC) School of Education in Christchurch, New Zealand. Students involved in this project will be given ample opportunity to develop collaborative research projects and will present their research at an “electronic mini conference”. These presentations will result in the development of publishable quality papers. These activities will be hugely beneficial to students and faculty at both institutions and would enable students to gather a more global perspective of research and content knowledge and would enable research efforts to be expanded in ways that are not possible in a regional institution such as UWF.

The goal of this project is to provide students an opportunity to interact and develop research projects with students from other countries. This ongoing project will require students to engage in purposeful discussions related to research and develop research projects that are novel and reflective of critical needs. Faculty and students will receive feedback related to their research efforts and will be provided ample opportunity to develop collaborative research projects with students in other countries. Moreover, students will evaluate their performance and will receive feedback from others in the project. Professors involved in this project will mentor students and provide guidance related to ongoing research projects.

This initial project will involve three doctoral faculty members at UWF and 3 UC doctoral faculty members. Each faculty member will select up to three doctoral students who wish to engage in this project. This will enable us to establish all policies and procedures without having an overwhelming number of students and faculty. This project will be expanded in following years to include more doctoral students and faculty with the hopes of securing travel funds for an exchange of UWF and UC students so that research can be expanded across country and cultural boundaries.

This project will establish a forum by which doctoral students and faculty at UWF and UC will share research ideas, research data, and scholarly projects and will develop collaborative scholarly projects that will result in conference presentations and publications.

In the first year of this project, three doctoral faculty members at UWF – Dr. Karen Rasmussen Dr. Byron Havard and Dr. John Platt and three doctoral faculty members at UC – Dr. John Everatt, Dr. Garry Hornby and Dr. Janinka Greenwood will each select up to three doctoral students to participate in this program. These faculty members were chosen for their scholarly records and their ability to work collaboratively with others. They have agreed to participate in the project and are eager for the project to begin.

UC doctoral students and faculty come from New Zealand and a number of countries in Europe and Asia. There is a level of international and ethnic diversity in this student population that we simply do not have in the UWF doctoral program. This diversity of training and background will have an extremely positive effect on UWF students and faculty and will aid in a more thorough understanding of the global nature of education.

High Impact Practices (HIPs) Utilized

  • Diversity/Global Learning
  • Faculty/Student Research

For more information, please contact one of the Faculty Fellows:

Dr. William Evans
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Dr. Byron Havard
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Dr. John Platt
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Dr. Karen Rasmussen

William Evans
Dr. William Evans
Dr. Byron Havard
Dr. Byron Havard
John Platt
Dr. John Platt