Emerge Faculty Fellow: Dr. Stephen Bridges

Dr. Stephen Bridges
Dr. Stephen Bridges

Faculty/Undergraduate Student Research

Ms. Claire Caillouet, an undergraduate student, was chosen to participate in the Faculty/Undergraduate Student Research project. Currently, Claire is an Exercise Science major in the Department of Health, Leisure and Exercise Science. In Fall 2013, Claire enrolled in a Directed Independent Study for the purpose of conducting an investigative research study. This will take place over the course of the Fall and Spring semesters of 2013/2014. Once a health topic has been selected the student, in conjunction with the faculty member and physical education and health doctoral mentor Ms. Karla Caillouet, will engage in the following experiential learning activities:

  1. Identify problem, question, or issue
  2. Consider context and assumptions
  3. Develop own position or hypothesis
  4. Present and analyze supporting data
  5. Integrate other perspectives
  6. Identify conclusions and implications
  7. Communicate effectively

A rubric, entitled "The Guide to Rating Critical & Integrative Thinking," will be employed for assessing/evaluating undergraduate student performance both during and at the end of the research study. This rubric is composed of seven evaluative criteria matching items 1-7 above. In addition to evaluation, the rubric serves as a guide for Claire as she progresses through the various steps of the research process while being mentored by the doctoral student (Karla). In the end, Ms. Claire Caillouet will participate in the 2014 Scholar’s Week at the Women’s Studies Conference (April) where she will deliver both oral and poster presentations at the Women’s Studies’ Conference and Student Scholars Symposium, respectively.
This type of experiential learning activity, i.e., faculty-undergraduate student research employing a doctoral student mentor, was conducted previously with much success in the spring of 2013. Ms. K’yone Johnson presented her research “Correlates of Abortion in the Russian Federation and the United States.” So stay tuned as the health topic and tentative study title will be posted soon for this current faculty-undergraduate research study.

Ms. Claire Caillouet and Ms. Karla Caillouet
Ms. Claire Caillouet and Ms. Karla Caillouet

Project Participants

High Impact Practices (HIPs) Utilized

  • First-Year Seminars and Experiences
  • Diversity/Global Learning
  • Undergraduate Research

For more information, please contact Dr. Stephen Bridges at fbridges@uwf.edu.

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