Emerge Faculty Fellows: Drs. Matthew Crow, Sara Evans, Kathy Johnson, and Jamie Snyder

Dr. Matthew Crow
Dr. Matthew Crow
Dr. Sara Evans
Dr. Sara Evans
Dr. Kathrine Johnson
Dr. Kathy Johnson
Dr. Jamie Snyder
Dr. Jamie Snyder

Criminal Justice Capstone Experience

The UWF Criminal Justice program is developing a capstone experience for its majors. To fulfill the capstone requirement, students will complete an internship or a seminar course that incorporates high–impact practices.

Students completing the Criminal Justice Internship will work under the supervision of a professional in the field of criminal justice, engaging in participant observation and gaining experience in the working environment. Internship students will also complete reflection assignments and a final project designed to help them integrate their experience with the knowledge and skills learned in the classroom.

Students completing the Criminal Justice Seminar will explore current criminal justice issues and criminal justice careers through research, guest speakers, and integration of knowledge gained in the criminal justice curriculum. The seminar will also help students prepare for a career in criminal justice and/or to pursue graduate education. Seminar students will also complete reflection assignments and present a final project in their chosen area.

High Impact Practices (HIPs) Utilized

  • Undergraduate Research
  • Service Learning
  • Community-Based Learning
  • Internships
  • Capstone Courses and Projects

For more information, please contact:
Dr. Matthew Crow at mcrow@uwf.edu
Dr. Sara Evans at sevans2@uwf.edu
Dr. Kathy Johnson at kjohnson@uwf.edu
Dr. Jamie Snyder at jsnyder1@uwf.edu

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