Emerge Faculty Fellow: Dr. Lakshmi Prayaga

Dr. Lakshmi Prayaga
Dr. Lakshmi Prayaga

Robo Explore

The goal of this project was to provide online students engaging facilities using high impact practices by which they could apply and test their knowledge as do face–to–face students who experience this in a lab. Robo Explore was an effort to create physical labs that online students could connect to using the Internet and interact with real robots housed in the lab. The goal is that through interaction and experimentation with the robots students learn networking concepts covered during the course.

During the summer of 2013, Project Robo Explore was launched and the following activities and labs were completed:

  1. A hook activity to engage students and enthuse them towards the lab experience (students connected to the robots via the Internet and manipulated the robots to pick up empty coke cans and drop them into a bin). A web cam was used to capture the camera feed which was broadcast to the students.
  2. Content related labs were created where students used SSH and FTP to transfer files to the server which could be used by the robots.
  3. Content related labs were created to experiment with UDP and TCPIP protocols and observe their performances in sending packets of information via the network.

Reflection was a major part of the project and it was achieved by using surveys and logbooks. Logbooks had specific questions that related to the lab activity and students had to analyze their findings in the lab to answer these questions. Surveys suggest that student learning outcomes for the labs were achieved and students were very motivated and interested by these labs.

High Impact Practices (HIPs) Utilized

  • Collaborative Assignments and Projects
  • Reflective Exercises

For more information, please contact Dr. Lakshmi Prayaga at lprayaga@uwf.edu or (850) 474–2030.

Project Presentation

Project ROBO Explore (SlideShare)

Project Video

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