Emerge Faculty Fellow: Dr. Christopher Amos

Dr. Christopher Amos

Educational Leadership Study Away Experience

Students in the Educational Leadership program will have the opportunity to attend a study away program that will give them a unique experience and perspective about the role of the principal and district administrators.
Prior to arriving at the location the students will be asked to develop a project idea for the various sites and choose one to be implemented when they arrive at the location. The students will then spend a week in an intense, rigorous and enlightening experience in various schools and district offices. The students will be asked to report their experiences both as a group and as an individual during the trip. Once the students return from the trip, a follow up symposium will be conducted for the students to share their experiences and to share their thoughts for future trips.

High Impact Practices (HIPs) Utilized

  • Capstone Courses and Projects

For more information, please contact Dr. Christopher Amos at camos1@uwf.edu, or 850-474-3289.

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