Emerge Faculty Fellow: Dr. Charlotte Boling

Dr. Charlotte Boling

Integrating HIPs in the Classroom

“Integrating HIPS into the Classroom” pushes the textbook aside and lives the dream. We stand on the edge of the Grand Canyon and watch the condor soar. We explore energy options at the National Ignition Facility. We sit quietly in a Hopi kiva and reflect on humanity. Our content knowledge becomes a deeply enriched part of us — and we share the knowledge with our students.

Effective teachers are those who bring the world to the classroom. Through “Integrating HIPS into the Classroom” teachers create living laboratories of time, space, and travel that excite and engage their students. Classrooms become living, learning communities as teachers experience High Impact Practices (HIPs). We wrap the experiences into highly engaging thematic units, such as Document Based Question (DBQ) units where P-12 students explore documents, pictures, videos, and stories to solve Big Idea questions.

High Impact Practices (HIPs) Utilized

  • Common Intellectual Experiences
  • Collaborative Assignments and Projects

For more information, please contact Dr. Charlotte Boling at cboling@uwf.edu.

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