GIS Training Resources

A variety of options exist for those seeking online training in the use of GIS software.

Instructor Led training courses

The Division of Continuing Education's GIS Training Academy offers training in beginning ArcGIS software in both online and face-to-face courses. Sessions held on the UWF campus are generally intensive all-day events lasting two or three days. When offered online, training courses take place over 6 weeks. Participants earn Continuing Education credits that can be used toward GISP completion. For additional details and scheduled courses see the Division of Continuing Education's GIS Training Academy. Custom training courses may be developed and offered for groups of 5 or more.

Division of Continuing Education's GIS Training Academy

Self Paced Training

Our ESRI site license grants us unlimited access to ESRI virtual-campus software training courses. While these courses typically cost $40 -$250, UWF faculty, staff and students can be given access to many of these courses at no cost. Courses exist for beginning to advanced users and require access to ESRI software available in the GeoData Center laboratory

Books published through ESRI press such as "Getting to Know ArcGIS Desktop" and the "GIS Tutorial" series contain a trial version of the software, tutorial exercises and example datasets. Copies of these books are available in our GeoSpatial Library for use in our laboratory only.

ESRI SpatiaLabs are now freely available. These exercises "are standalone activities designed to promote spatial reasoning and analysis skills" using ArcGIS software.