Cybersecurity Jobs

Jobs available at the Center for Cybersecurity.

  • Position Title: Assistant Server System Administrator
  • Position Number: 127090
  • Position Type: Staff
  • Preferred Close Date: 10/03/2019
  • Description: The Assistant Server System Administrator will support the senior Server Systems Administrator with the maintenance and operation of the Florida Cyber Range (FCR) data center, Local Area Network (LAN) and Information Systems (IS). Support the creation and documentation of virtualized networks to support instructional materials. This person will monitor network activity to ensure network confidentiality, integrity, and availability (CIA) for all systems and users through the use of advanced monitoring and vulnerability management software, techniques, and procedures. They will monitor and test web site performance to ensure web site(s) operate correctly and without interruption. Assist in network modeling, analysis, planning, implementation, and coordination between network and data communications hardware and software. This position provides assistance to Center personnel regarding purchases and upgrades of hardware and software, including server technologies. Liaison for technical support between the Center for Cybersecurity’s faculty/staff and UWF Information Technology Services (ITS). Manages the Center’s help desk and assigns work according to task complexity, time restraint, and priority. Install, manage, or modify operating system and other productivity software. Develop instructional materials, including range environments, labs and exercises, and provide support for courses, competitions and other education, training and research activities.
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  • Position Title: Program Manager
  • Position Number: 127030
  • Position Type: Staff
  • Preferred Close Date: 11/01/2019
  • Description: The Program Manager will serve in an administrative capacity assisting the Center for Cybersecurity Director, Associate Business Development Director and Community and Public Relations Director, providing program management and program support for the Center for Cybersecurity, Cybersecurity for All program, and CAE Regional Resource Center. The Program Manager will serve as liaison to the Business Manager. The role coordinates the administrative functions for the Center Director and programs listed above. This includes program planning, development, promotion execution and reporting, and supporting the Center team related to these initiatives. This also includes interfacing with private and public sector partners and potential partners, vendors for food services, materials and supplies, and University departments, services, and continuing education to promote programs, projects, and events. This position will assist in collecting, analyzing, and reporting program data regarding marketing, sales, and usage to the Center’s Director as instructed.
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