Training and Education

To serve the needs of the local community, the Center for Applied Psychology, in collaboration with other departments at the university, offers workshops, seminars, continuing education credit and professional development courses.

Enhancing Skills

Half of CAP’s mission is related to education. We enact this mission in formal and informal ways (also see Development of Future Scholars and Leaders).

    • CAP can host workshops and events such as:
      • Submitting to Professional Conferences
      • Preparing for Graduate Internships
      • How to Use Quantitative Software (e.g., SPSS, Excel)
      • Maintaining Work-Family Balance
      • Mindfulness Training

Student Development

Student Development

    • Pro-bono class projects
      • In collaboration with many of the graduate courses at the University of West Florida's School of Psychological and Behavioral Sciences, students have worked with several local organizations on faculty-guided consultation projects. The resulting relationship is a mutual exchange, as students are permitted a platform with which they may use their skills and gain valuable experience, and local organizations are provided specialized assistance (often free of charge). Students delivered products to various types of organizations involving (among others) personnel selection and performance appraisal, training and development, and organizational change and development.
    • Consulting opportunities within the department, college, and university
    • Student directed studies, practica, and other activities