Partnering with CAP

Partnering with CAP has numerous benefits.

What Our Partnership Means

Partnering with CAP has numerous benefits. In contrast to other human resource consulting firms in the private sector, our mission centers around four goals (i.e., research, consultation, training and education, and development of future scholars and leaders). CAP can offer:

        1. A partnership that reflects your commitment to the local community and education. The University of West Florida is a growing institution and providing students with applied experiences that will help them in their careers is essential.
        2. Substantially lower cost compared to competing consulting firms. Because a major portion of our mission is to educate students and future leaders, we are able to decrease the cost of contracts (e.g., by offering students educational credit for applied experiences instead of paid assignments).
        3. Local accessibility and convenience. Because we local, we can typically work around your schedule, reducing travel and expediting projects.
        4. Knowledge of human resources, business, and assessment issues that reflect current best practice.
        5. Credibility of practice: Our projects are supervised by doctoral-level faculty with decades of combined project experience and numerous related publications reflecting leadership in the field of practice.
        6. Networking opportunities: Psychology shares boundaries with most other disciplines and can refer to you other resources in our institutional network.
        7. Tried and true, future hires: CAP clients have the opportunity to meet strong students who serve as well-trained prospective hires for internships or long-term placements. Our clients can view their work and get to know them individually through CAP projects to evaluate need and fit for positions at their organization.
        8. Other perks: For example, CAP often conducts pro-bono class projects, particularly in graduate-level courses.