Our Services

We provide consultation services and technical assistance to institutions seeking guidance related to applied psychology topics including educational, health and organizational issues.

          • Job analysis - Consultants conduct a thorough assessment of a given position potentially involving observations, interviews, and focus groups in order to identify the critical tasks performed and the knowledge, skills, and abilities an employee needs to be successful in the position. This process provides the foundation for other areas such as selection, training and performance appraisal.
            • Selection procedures - An effective selection procedure is crucial for selecting the candidate best suited for a given position. Based on the needs of the organization and the position selecting for, CAP can develop a legally defensible selection procedure to distinguish the candidates most likely to be successful in the position. This could include the use of an assessment center, structured interview and work sample test, among others.
              • Performance appraisal - A thorough performance appraisal can inform a multitude of organizational activities such as promotion, strategic planning, and employee development. For a given position, CAP can develop a form with critical dimensions and behavioral anchors to ensure objective and legally defensible performance appraisal system.
                • Training - Training can be used to address a wide range of areas such as safety, group communication, and legal issues (e.g., diversity, sexual harassment). CAP can develop or recommend and administer training programs to address the organizational needs.
                  • Leadership development - CAP can assess the leadership of current and prospective leaders using proprietary tools or assessment centers. We can also provide 360-degree feedback to further facilitate leadership development.
                    • Morale or benchmarking surveys - In order to attract and retain top talent, organizations need to “take the temperature” in their organization (e.g., measuring satisfaction, work-family balance, justice perceptions, cynicism, commitment, intent to quit). Administering morale surveys can assess employee attitudes and identify root issues potentially leading to low morale, low productivity, and high turnover. Benchmarking can allow an organization to compare their results to other organizations in their industry, as well as monitor their progress over time.
                      • Focus groups - Focus groups are open and free discussions with employees or customers of an organization. They have a variety of uses such as assessing employees’ perspective on a particular issue, gathering information on customer trends, and generating ideas to improve the employee experience. CAP has the ability to conduct in-person and online focus groups.
                        • Misc others - CAP has access to expertise from all disciplines included in the university to address a multitude of organizational issues.

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