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The University participates in a traveling scholar program which enables graduate students to take advantage of special resources available on another campus, but not available on the home campus. Examples are special course offerings, research opportunities, unique laboratories, and library collections.

A traveling scholar?s graduate advisor will approach an appropriate faculty member at the proposed host institution and recommend the scholar for a visiting arrangement. After agreement by the student?s advisor and the faculty member at the host institution, graduate deans of both institutions will be fully informed by the advisor and have the power to approve or disapprove. A student will register at the host institution and will pay tuition and/or registration fees according to fee schedules established at that institution. Credit for the work taken will be recorded at the home university.

Each university retains its full right to accept or reject any student who wishes to study under its auspices. A traveling scholar will normally be limited to one term on the campus of the host institution. A traveling scholar accepted by the host institution will be regarded as being registered at that institution for the period.

A traveling scholar is not entitled to displacement allowance, mileage, or per diem payments. The home university, however, may at its option continue its financial support of the traveling scholar in the form of a fellowship or graduate assistantship with any work obligation to be discharged either at the home or at the host institution.

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