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UWF has established agreements with local school districts in accordance with Section 1007.27, Florida Statutes. Contact the Office of the Registrar or the school district to determine authorized school districts for UWF. The dual enrollment program allows qualified high school students to enroll as non-degree students at UWF to earn university academic credit which also fulfill high school credit requirements. Dual enrolled students may enroll in university credit courses to enhance the high school curriculum while taking other courses at the high school. Students who are enrolled in a home school program registered with an approved school district are eligible for dual enrollment provided they meet the qualifications listed. Student success in the Dual Enrollment Program is dependent upon the student?s academic readiness and social maturity. Therefore, the University has established the following criteria:

This information must be certified by the high school guidance counselor and/or school principal. In the case of home schooling, the county school representative for home schooling must certify criteria. High School students are eligible when certified by their high school to have:

  1. Attained junior year status or higher (in exceptional occasions, the University may consider high school sophomores),
  2. Achieve a minimum high school unweighted GPA of 3.00,
  3. Have minimum test score of:
    1. 450 on the SAT-V and 450 on SAT-M, or
    2. 18 on the ACT-E, 19 on the ACT-R, and 20 on the ACT-M, or
    3. 85 on the CPT Reading, 74 on the CPT Elementary Algebra, and 85 on the CPT English.
  4. Enrolled in an Escambia County or Santa Rosa County high school for one full semester prior to dual enrollment,
  5. Consulted with their high school guidance counselor about taking dual enrollment course(s) at the University of West Florida.
  6. Home school students must be in compliance with the provisions listed in Florida Statutes 1002.43. and provide the information listed above.

Students eligible for Dual Enrolled courses must complete the UWF Dual Enrollment Application for non-degree admission and complete the UWF Dual Enrollment Approval Form available in the Office of the Registrar. The approval form, with required signatures, is needed for each semester of dual enrollment. For home school students, the individual serving as the Resource Teacher and Home School Contact for the appropriate County School Board must sign in lieu of the school principal. Return the completed forms with required signatures to the Office of the Registrar prior to the first day of classes.

Dual enrolled students must submit immunization documentation to the UWF Health Center when courses are offered on the UWF campus.

Dual enrolled students are required to purchase a UWF Nautilus Card and a parking decal when courses are offered on the UWF campus.

All students should refer to the current UWF Catalog for specific deadlines for registration.

Dual Enrolled are considered non-degree students and are subject to the student policies stated in the Catalog and UWF Student Planner and Handbook. All non-degree students should review the Confidentiality of Student Records and Directory Information to understand privacy information.

Course offerings and selections: University-level courses determined by the high school to be creditable toward the student?s high school diploma may be offered by the University for high school students participating in the Dual Enrollment Program. Courses must be applied to the high school diploma. Postsecondary credits earned in Dual Enrollment shall be posted on the high school and University transcripts in a manner consistent with the Dual Enrollment Course List approved by the Florida Board of Education. UWF reserves the right to limit dual enrolled courses to those approved through the articulation agreements with each school district.

Maximum number of credits per semester: Dual enrolled students may register for a maximum of 15 semester hours per semester. It is the responsibility of the high school to verify that the students have completed the necessary prerequisites for each course.

Withdrawing from a course: Students participating in Dual Enrollment courses will not be permitted to withdraw from a course unless it is mutually agreed upon by the University and the school principal or appointed designee.

Student Monitoring: In situations where students have demonstrated academic difficulties, the students may be denied the opportunity to take additional dual enrollment courses at the University. Dual enrolled students must maintain a cumulative University GPA of 2.00.

Dual Enrollment shall comply with the policies and procedures outlined in the articulation agreement with the school district.

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