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Online Campus

The Academic Technology Center maintains responsibility for UWF?s Online Campus. The Online Campus (OLC) supports several fully online, PDA, CD-ROM, and Interactive Distance Learning Studio (IDLS) programs. The OLC website provides one-stop shopping to distance learning students to assist in planning online degrees, certificates, and educational experiences. Students can access the OLC website for advising, admissions procedures, registration, information about taking classes, and information on graduation at http://onlinecampus.uwf.edu. The OLC provides many helpful tips and links to the same quality services and student support services available on our University of West Florida Campuses. Students participating in the Online Campus will have access to advisors, military education coordinators, and eCoaches to assist the online learner?s overall educational experience.

Several undergraduate, graduate, and certificate programs are offered through the Online Campus. Students enrolling in these programs will experience interactive, personalized strategies for course delivery. Whether taking a course through UWF?s Learning Management System in an online environment or as a sailor or soldier on duty in a non-Internet distance learning environment using a PDA or CD-ROM, Online Campus is standing by ready to assist students. Programs and Certificates currently offered through the Online Campus are listed in the front of the Catalog.

The Online Campus provides general support services and linkages to all campus-wide support services that may be required by a distance learning student. The Online Campus can serve as a first point of contact for fully online student needs. OLC staff can be reached via email online@uwf.edu listed below, toll free at 1-888-529-1823, or locally at 850-473-7468. Students requiring more specialized support services will be transferred internally to the appropriate point of contact. The following services may be needed by the distance student:

Military Education Advising. Military students seeking distance learning certificate and degree programs may require assistance with overall program planning aligning to SOC criteria along with the military students transcripts, including school house training aligned to ACE criteria, other institutional credits, etc. Military students seeking distance learning programs and certificates can contact the Online Campus for assistance. Contact the Military Education Advisor at SOC@uwf.edu.

eCoaches. eCoaches are an integral part of the Online Campus. eCoaches are available to assist distance learning students with an array of needs. From setting up a time management plan for studying, to gaining study skills for online learning, to getting course materials, lab resources, and equipment in a timely fashion, eCoaches are available to provide ongoing assistance to make the student experience a success. Access the eCoach Online at the Online Campus website or through email at eCoach@uwf.edu.

Help Desk. The ITS Help Desk is available to provide technical support to the online learning student. Contact the Help Desk directly for technical questions through telephone (850) 474-2075 or email at helpdesk@uwf.edu.

Library. The University of West Florida Libraries offer an array of library services, including access to the library catalog and numerous online databases. Many databases include full-text journal articles or information. To access library services and databases, you must: (1) Be a currently enrolled UWF student or a currently employed staff or faculty member, and (2) Have either a UWF Nautilus Card or a Library Access Number assigned, upon request, by the UWF Circulation Department. To learn more about how our Library can assist you, visit the library website for DISTANCE LEARNERS, or go to the Library Channel in Argus on the My Campus tab. You may also contact the Library Information Help Desk at 850-474-2424.

Waivers to cover the out-of-state portion of assessed tuition and fees are available for qualified students enrolled in specific online degree and certificate programs. Students enrolled in the Academic Common Market are not eligible for the distance learning fee waiver. Students enrolled in programs and certificates listed in Eligible Programs that (1) Are a Non-Florida Resident, (2) Are a U.S. Citizen or a Resident Alien, and (3) Reside outside the State of Florida (proof of current place of residence required) may be candidates for the out-of-state portion of assessed tuition and fees.

Note: Waivers must be requested and eligibility confirmed every semester?renewal of waivers is NOT automatic.

Student Responsibility

  • Students must apply for a distance learning fee waiver each semester by completing the fee waiver form located on the UWF Online Campus website at https://secure.uwf.edu/uwfonline/Affordable/waiverForm.cfm.
  • Students must pay all other assessed tuition and fees.
  • Students withdrawing from a course or from the University are liable for fee payment as established by standard University policy. Students will not be liable for the amount covered by out-of-state tuition waivers you may be awarded.

Eligible Programs

  • All program-related credit hours (no minimum enrollment requirement) for students enrolled in programs or courses approved by the Online Campus Director

An online campus fee will be assessed each semester to students participating in fully online courses, PDA courses, and CD-ROM delivered courses. This fee covers the cost of supporting Online Campus.

The success of online learning relies heavily on the commitment of the student to participate fully in class assignments, discussions, and in supporting class members while building an online learning community. Each semester students should expect to receive an email confirmation of their Online Learning course registration as well as providing details on how to learn online. Additionally, students will receive a personal note from course instructors indicating specific course requirements, textbooks, and other class expectations. The Online Campus website provides links to the UWF Bookstore as well as to all of the support services required for the student experience. Students should enter the online course through Argus.uwf.edu. Students are expected to have a UWF email account that must be checked at least three times a week to be an active participant in online courses. Students having difficulty should contact an eCoach (eCoach@uwf.edu) at the Online Campus for guidance.

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