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Graduation and General Degree Requirements

To be eligible for an Ed.S. degree, students must meet the following requirements:

  1. Be admitted to the program;
  2. Submit an approved degree plan which includes at least 36 semester hours;
  3. Have completed at least 9 semester hours of course work at the 7000 level; at least nine semester hours of all course work in the Curriculum and Instruction Specialist program must be of 7000 level. The remainder will be at the 5000-6000 level except when specific waivers have been obtained;
  4. Have a minimum GPA of 3.0 in Specialist program
  5. Complete degree requirements within seven years from the date of admission;
  6. Be recommended for graduation by the departmental chairperson;
  7. Specialist degree students must be admitted and enroll as a specialist student at UWF for a minimum of one semester prior to the degree being awarded; and
  8. Specialist students must enroll for a minimum of one semester at UWF within the last five years of the date the degree is awarded. Students should contact their program of study advisor to determine the minimum of hours and courses in which to enroll. Students who need to be readmitted will be required to meet the degree requirements of the current Catalog.
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