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Graduation and General Degree Requirements

For detailed information, refer to the Policies and Procedures available on the College of Professional Studies Graduate Office web page. To be eligible for an Ed.D. degree, a student must meet the following requirements:

  1. Be admitted to the program by the Ed.D. Program Committee and Dean;
  2. Complete an approved degree plan of a minimum of 62 semester hours. No more than 10 semester hours may be transferred from another institution that were earned within five years of the date of admission to the UWF Ed.D Program;
  3. Complete the residency requirement: Students establish residency when they enroll in at least 24 semester hours in 2 consecutive academic years (includes summer sessions). The Ed.D. program director monitors and verifies student compliance with the provisions of this requirement
  4. Students must complete an orientation and an initial and advanced APA seminar.
  5. Complete the Preliminary Examination during the specified time frame;
  6. Complete all requirements to advance to candidacy;
  7. Have maintained a minimum cumulative program GPA of 3.25 with no grades lower than a B- in course work counted toward the degree. Specialization areas may have additional requirements regarding acceptable letter grades for major courses that are counted in the degree program;
  8. Successfully complete and orally defend a dissertation;
  9. Be recommended for graduation by the doctoral committee, departmental chairperson, and the College of Professional Studies Graduate Office;
  10. Complete degree requirements within seven years after the date of admission; and
  11. Students must enroll for a minimum of one semester at UWF within the last five years of the date the degree is to be awarded. Students should contact their program of study advisor to determine the minimum of hours and courses in which to enroll. Students who need to be readmitted will be required to meet the degree requirements of the current Catalog.

Doctoral candidates are required to register for a minimum of 18 semester hours of dissertation course work.  Candidates must register for a minimum of 3, but not more than 6 semester hours each semester (including summer terms) until they have registered for a cumulative total of 18 semester hours of doctoral dissertation course work.  Thereafter, candidates are required to register for a minimum of 2 semester hour of dissertation course work each consecutive semester until the student has completed 24 semester hours of dissertation work.  At that time the student will be reevaluated by the doctoral committee chair and committee to determine if the student can complete the dissertation.  If the committee determines that student can complete the dissertation, the student will be required to complete 3 semester hours of dissertation coursework each semester to complete the degree.

For every semester at the dissertation stage the committee chair and student should agree, in whatever form works best for them, on what will count as satisfactory progress for the upcoming semester as well as on how many semester hours (generally 3 or 6) the student should take during that semester.  At the end of each semester the committee chair will assess whether or not the dissertation student has made reasonable progress.  If the student has made reasonable progress, the chair will assign a grade of Satisfactory (S); if not, a grade of Unsatisfactory (U).  Students who receive an Unsatisfactory (U) grade must retake the dissertation hours for that given semester. Upon successful completion of the dissertation, all ?U? grades will be changed to ?S? grades.

Candidates shall maintain active candidacy status in accordance with the above stated criteria. Those who fail to maintain active status during the dissertation process will have their status reviewed by the director of the Ed.D. program.  Failure to register for the appropriate dissertation course work for 3 consecutive semesters will result in the candidate having to reapply to the program, subject to the policies and procedures in effect at that time. Failure to maintain an active candidacy status may result in the student having to complete additional course work, or components of the Preliminary Examination.

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