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Graduation and General Degree Requirements

Requirements for a bachelor?s degree from UWF are listed below. The colleges and departments may have requirements which exceed these minimums. Students should refer to their SASS audits to review degree requirements. Please consult the individual departments for details. Minimum requirements are:

  1. 120 semester hours in an approved program;
  2. UWF cumulative 2.0 GPA with a major GPA of 2.0 (departments may set a minimum grade requirement in each course and limited access programs may require higher minimum major GPAs);
  3. 48 semester hours in upper-level course work;
  4. 30 semester hours (25% of degree program) residency requirement (must include last 30 semester hours of course work);
  5. 24 semester hours of upper-level work in the major field with a minimum of 18 upper-level semester hours in the major field at UWF;
  6. Fulfillment of College Level Academic Skills Test (CLAST) requirement;
  7. Fulfillment of Gordon Rule;
  8. Completion of all General Studies requirements;
  9. Completion of all program specific lower division common prerequisites;
  10. Completion of the admissions foreign language requirement;
  11. Completion of multicultural requirement;
  12. Nine hours of summer semester enrollment at an SUS institution (students who entered UWF with less than 60 semester hours);
  13. Students must be admitted and enroll at UWF for a minimum of one semester as degree-seeking in the degree program for which a degree is awarded. For example, a student must be admitted and enrolled for a minimum of one semester as an undergraduate, degree seeking student for a bachelor?s degree to be awarded; and
  14. Students must enroll as a degree-seeking student for a minimum of one semester at UWF within the last five years of the date the degree is awarded. Students should contact their major department to determine the minimum of hours and courses in which to enroll. Students who need to be readmitted will be required to meet the degree requirements of the current Catalog.
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