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Graduation and General Degree Requirements

The University will confer baccalaureate honors recognition on those students who have earned:

  1. At least 40 semester hours of graded work at UWF. This policy excludes all courses with grades of ?P? or ?S.? Grades of ?WF,? ?F,? or ?U? are not earned hours but are included in the GPA;
  2. At least a 3.5 GPA on all work attempted at UWF; and
  3. At least a 3.5 GPA on all work attempted, including UWF and credit earned from all other institutions. The GPA used for honors will be no higher than the UWF cumulative GPA. The calculation is found on the SASS audit under Credit Hours category.

The following minimum GPAs are required for graduation honors:

Cum Laude 3.50
Magna Cum Laude 3.70
Summa Cum Laude 3.90

Previous recognition on the President?s or Dean?s Honor Rolls does not ensure baccalaureate honors at graduation.

UWF does not have a graduation honors program for graduate and doctoral students.

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