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Academic Policies

Note: Student Grievance System is currently under revision. Once this policy has been approved, it will be available on the University of West Florida web sites at:
http://www.uwf.edu/president/policies/ or http://www.uwf.edu/JudicialAffairs.

Students should contact the Dean of Students Office, Building 21, (850) 474-2383 for more information.

Students who wish to make a grievance, including grade appeals, should review the Student Grievance System in the Rights & Regulations section of the UWF Student Planner and Handbook. The process of handling student non-academic grievances is also detailed in the current issue of the UWF Student Planner and Handbook.

Appeals to be considered by the Academic Appeals Committee must be made in writing and submitted to the Office of the University Registrar. Students should secure required recommendations (signatures from the advisor, department chair and/or college dean) prior to submission.

Students who wish to further appeal a decision made by the Academic Appeals Committee must do so in writing. This request should be in the form of a letter (including any new information) stating they are appealing the Committee?s decision, and should be addressed to the Office of the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs (submitted to the Office of the Registrar).

Below is the order by which an academic appeal shall be heard:
Level of Policy Initial Recommendation Made By: Initial Decision Made By: First Appeal Heard By: Final Appeal Heard By:
Department (Chair)

Course substitution or waiver of requirement for department

Prerequisite or department course

Course equivalents for department courses

Requirements for program admission, such as limited access and teacher certification

Other matters related to department policy
Faculty Advisor Department Chair College Dean Provost
College (Dean)

Waiver or substitution of required college core course

Waiver or substitution of prerequisite for college core

Required score on test for college requirements

Grade changes (not including withdrawals)

Probation or suspension

Graduation application deadlines

Hours accepted as a non degree-seeking student

Other matters related to college policy
Faculty Advisor

Department Chair
College Dean not applicable Provost
University (Enrollment Services)

Semester hours of upper level course work requirement

Semester hours in residence requirement

Foreign language (State admissions requirement)

Late withdrawal within current term (prior to last day of classes)

Retroactive graduation

Retroactive withdrawal (for previous semesters)

Last 30 semester hours at UWF

Catalog year

A.A. forgiveness

Graduation with honors

Semester hours for second degree requirement

Summer hours requirement

Other matters related to university policy
Faculty Advisor

Department Chair

General Education Curricula (General Studies, General Education, or Core)
Associate Dean, College of Arts & Sciences

Other Undergraduates
Associate Vice President for Enrollment Services

Graduate Students
Associate Vice President for Graduate Studies
not applicable Provost

CLAST Waiver
By State law, requests to waive one or more parts of the CLAST based on having attempted the CLAST four or more times must be heard by a special committee chaired by the Provost. These requests should be addressed in writing to the provost and submitted to the Office of the Registrar. Requests for a waiver of the CLAST requirement must be made one semester prior to projected graduation.

General Studies (General Studies Council, attention: Associate Dean, College of Arts & Sciences)
Requests for waivers or substitutions of Gordon Rule, and other general studies requirements
A.A. requirements
Learning Disabilities

Registration Appeals (University Registrar, Building 18)
Grade Forgiveness
Late Registration
Late Withdrawal from class(es) or University
Schedule Adjustment (Drop/Add)

See deadlines in Academic Calendar; all appeals must be in writing.

Procedures for additional appeals are as follows:

Nature of Appeal Committee/Person Designated to Hear Appeal Format Time Limit/Deadline for Submission Submit Appeal to:
University Admissions Committee In writing End of Drop/Add period Director, Admissions (Bldg 18)
Faculty Committee appointed by College Dean In writing End of Drop/Add period Appropriate College Dean
Discrimination due to Race, Gender, Disability Director, Human Resources In writing 180 days of incident (see Non-Discrimination Policy, UWF Student Planner and Handbook Director, Human Resources (Bldg 20)
Fees, Assessment or Refund of Tuition University Fee Appeals Committee In writing; by letter or form available in Offices of Cashier and Registrar Within six months of close of academic term of appeal Registrar (Bldg 18) or Cashier (Bldg 20)
Financial Aid Financial Aid Satisfactory Progress Appeals Committee In writing None Financial Aid (Bldg 18)
Housing Fines Director, Housing In writing or by appointment None Director, Housing (Bldg 21)
Immunization Requirements Associate Vice President for Student Affairs In writing or by appointment Prior to registration for classes Dean of  Students (Bldg 21)
Library Fines Head, Circulation Department then to Associate Director, Library By phone, in person, or in writing None Head, Circulation  (UWF Library)
Repeat Course Surcharge University Fee Appeals Committee In writing Last day of term for course Registrar (Bldg 18) or Cashier (Bldg 20)
Residency for Tuition Purposes Residency for Tuition Purposes In writing or by appointment Last day of registration for requested semester Associate Vice President, Enrollment Services (Bldg 18)
Student Conduct Student Conduct In writing (see Code of Student Conduct, UWF Student Planner and Handbook) Within 5 days of Notification of Sanction Vice President for Student Affairs (Bldg 10)
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