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An important component of a liberal education is the study of cultures other than one?s own. As such, multiculturalism encompasses the appreciation of the values, expressions, and modes of organization of diverse cultural communities. To further such study, the University of West Florida requires all students pursuing a bachelor?s degree to complete at least one course that explores one or more of the dimensions of another culture (language, religion, socio-economic structures, etc.).

Students are exempt from this requirement if they have completed an Associate of Arts degree or the General Education Program at a Florida public institution, or completed a baccalaureate degree.

The requirement is satisfied by the successful completion of a multicultural course designated on the following list. Several of the selections are General Studies courses, and students may enroll in these to meet both the General Studies and the multicultural requirements. This list is continually updated and students are encouraged to check with their advisors for alternative options.
AMH 4570 Afro-American Experience
AMH 4580 History of the North American Indians
AML 3604 African American Literature
AML 3624 Black Women Writers
AML 4xx1 Topics in 19th Century American Literature
ANT 2000 Introduction to Anthropology
ANT 3212 Peoples and Cultures of the World
ANT 3312 North American Indians
ANT 3363 Japanese Culture
ANT 3403 Cultural Ecology
ARH 1010 Introduction to Art History
ARH 2050 Art History Survey I: Greek to Renaissance Art
ARH 2051 Art History Survey II: Baroque to Contemporary Art
ARH 4042 Outline of European Architecture
ARH 4302 Late Renaissance Art in Italy
ARH 4305 Early Italian Renaissance Art
ARH 4412 Age of Revolution 1760-1880
ARH 4450 Modern Art 1880-1950
ARH 4470 Contemporary Art 1950 - Present
ARH 4652 Art and Archaeology of the Ancient Andes
ARH 4653 Art and Archaeology of Mesoamerica
ASH 4623 Women in the Muslim World
CCJ 3678 Race, Gender, Ethnicity, and Crime
COM 4014 Gender and Communication
COM 4102 International Business Communication
CPO 2002 Comparative Politics
CPO 3103 Politics of Western Europe
CPO 3513 Politics of the Far East--Japan and China
CPO 3773 Great World Leaders
CPO 4303 Politics of Spain, Portugal, and Latin America
CPO 4531 Politics and Culture of India
EDG 2701 Teaching Diverse Populations
ENG 4013 Introduction to Literary Theory
EUH 1000 Western Perspectives I
EUH 1001 Western Perspectives II
EUH 3203 Modern Europe
EUH 3321 East Central Europe and the Balkans to 1900
EUH 3322 East Central Europe and the Balkans Since 1900
EUH 3411 Rome and the Mediterranean World
EUH 3576 Soviet Union Since 1917
EUH 4239 Europe's Expansion Overseas
FRE 4955 Supervised Foreign Language Field Experience Abroad
GEA 2000 Nations and Regions of the World
GEA 4405 Geography of Latin America
GEB 2411 Diversity in the Workplace
GEB 4361 Business in the International Environment
GEO 3421 Cultural Geography
GEO 3471 Geography of World Affairs
GER 4270 Intensive German Abroad
INR 2002 International Politics
INR 3006 Conflict, Violence, and Peace
JPN 3270 Supervised Foreign Language Experience Abroad
LAH 3100 Colonial and Revolutionary Latin America
LAH 3200 Latin America Since Independence
LAH 4430 Mexico
LAH 4470 Cuba and Central America
LIT 2100 Introduction to Literature
LIT 3xx1 Multicultural Myth
LIT 3xx3 Postcolonial Literature
LIT 4906 World Literature
MAN 4102 Management of Diversity
MAR 4156 Seminar in International Marketing
MMC 3601 Minorities and the Mass Media
MMC 4300 Global Communication
MUH 2930 The Music Experience: Special Topics
NUR 4177 Holistic Healthcare
NUR 4655 Cultural Factors in Health and Illness
PHM 4051 Alternative Philosophies
REL 3310 Philosophies of the East
SLS 1281 Introduction to Diversity
SOW 3620 Practice with Culturally Diverse Populations
SPC 4710 Intercultural Communication
SPN 3400 Advanced Stylistics
SPN 4500 Spanish Civilization
SPN 4520 Latin American Culture and Civilization
SPN 4955 Intensive Spanish Abroad

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