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Undergraduate Degree Programs

The University of West Florida offers a variety of majors that lead to the following baccalaureate degrees:

B.A. Bachelor of Arts
B.F.A. Bachelor of Fine Arts
B.S. Bachelor of Science
B.S.B.A. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
B.S.C.E. Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
B.S.E.E. Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
B.S.N. Bachelor of Science in Nursing

A description of each major and the requirements for each specialization are provided on the following pages. Also included are e-mail addresses and telephone numbers for points of contact for each major. Course descriptions and faculty information are at the end of the Catalog

Accounting, B.S.B.A.
Anthropology, B.A.
Art,  B.A.
Arts, Fine, B.F.A.
Biology, B.S.
Business Minors
Career and Technical Studies, B.S.
Chemistry, B.A., B.S.
Clinical Laboratory Sciences, B.S.
Communication Arts, B.A.
Computer Engineering, B.S.C.E.
Computer Science, B.S.
Cooperative Education
Criminal Justice, B.A.
Economics, B.A.
Economics (Business), B.S.B.A.
Education Minor
Electrical Engineering, B.S.E.E.
Elementary Education, B.A.
Engineering Technology, B.S.
English, B.A.
Environmental Studies, B.S.
Finance, B.S.B.A.
Health Education, B.S.
Health, Leisure & Exercise Science, B.S.
Health Sciences, B.S.
History, B.A.
Hospitality, Recreation, and Resort Management, B.S.
Humanities, Interdisciplinary, B.A.
Information Technology, Interdisciplinary, B.S.
International Studies, B.A.
Legal Studies, B.A.
Management, B.S.B.A.
Management Information Systems, B.S.B.A.
Marine Biology, B.S.
Maritime Studies, B.A.
Marketing, B.S.B.A.
Mathematics, B.S.
Middle School Education, B.A.
Military Science
Music, B.A.
Nursing, B.S.N.
Oceanography, B.S.
Philosophy & Religious Studies, B.A.
Physics, B.S.
Political Science, B.A.
Pre-Kindergarten/Primary Education, B.A.
Professional Program-Medical Sciences
Psychology, B.A.
Public Administration Minor
Science, Interdisciplinary, B.S.
Social Sciences, Interdisciplinary, B.A.
Social Work, B.A.
Sociology Minors
Spanish Minor
Special Education, B.A.
Teacher Education
Theatre, B.A.
Women's Studies Minor