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Table of Contents
Welcome to UWF
Telephone Directory
Academic Calendars
Year 2006/2007
Fall Semester 2006
     Spring Semester 2007
     Summer Semester 2007

University Mission
Degrees, Areas of Specialization,

After Admission
Financial Assistance
Student Activities
Student Services and Resources
Tuition and Fees
Military and Veterans Information
Registration and Records
Academic Policies
Graduation and General Degree

Public Service and Research Centers
College Mission Statements
Undergraduate Degree Programs
Master's Degree Programs
Specialist Degree Programs
Doctoral Degree Programs
Course Numbering System
Course Listings and Descriptions
Academic Policies
Academic Misconduct
Academic Standing
Appeal and Waiver Policies
Certificate Programs
Choice of Catalog
Class Attendance
College Level Academic Skills Test (CLAST)
Common Program Prerequisites
Foreign Language Requirement
General Studies Requirements
Grading System
Honor Rolls
Multicultural Requirement
Nontraditional Credit
Recency of Credit
Residency Requirement
Summer Semester
Transfer Credit
Upper-Division Status
Writing and Mathematics Requirements (Gordon Rule)
Writing Skills Requirement

Violations by a student of any of the following actions that constitutes an offense will result in disciplinary action. Fraudulent or deceptive action involving academic matters, including:
  1. Cheating. The unauthorized giving or taking of any information or material on academic work considered in the determination of a grade.
  2. Plagiarism. The act of representing the ideas, words, creations or work of another as one’s own.
  3. Bribery. The offering, giving, receiving or soliciting of anything of value to influence a grade.
  4. Conspiracy. Planning with others to commit any form of academic misconduct.
  5. Misrepresentation. Any action or omission with intent to deceive a teacher so as to affect a grade.