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Grades will be reported in the following manner:
Grade Description Grade Points
A Outstanding 4.0
A- Outstanding 3.7
B+ Above average 3.3
B Above average 3.0
B- Above average 2.7
C+ Average 2.3
C Average 2.0
C- Average 1.7
D+ Below average 1.3
D Below average 1.0
F Failure 0.0
U Unsatisfactory 0.0
WR Withdrawal with partial refund of fees *
TR Withdrawal with full refund *
W Withdrawn *
WF Withdrawn/failing 0.0
X Audit *
I Incomplete *
I* Late Grade *
G Deferred (thesis and dissertation only) *
P Pass *
S Satisfactory *

*Grade not included when computing the GPA.

Student teaching, practica, and special courses are graded on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory (“S/U”) basis. Other courses may be taken by undergraduates under a pass/fail (“P/F”) option.

In computation of the required grade point average (GPA) for retention and conferral of a degree, the total number of quality points (grade points times course semester hours) is divided by the total number of semester hours for which letter grades are received (see the Grading System for grade points). All regulations tied to a specific grade average should be interpreted to mean the numerical average associated with that specific grade. Hence, the required “C average or better” is interpreted as “2.0 average or better.”

Course work completed in any student classification (including non-degree) will be included in the undergraduate or graduate GPA, determined by the level of the course.

Change of Grades
Students graduating from UWF having earned a letter grade of “F, D, D+, C-, C, C+, B-, B, B+, A-, or A” may not have a grade changed for a course which was taken and completed prior to graduation. Graduated students having an “I” or other deferred incomplete grade in a course taken prior to graduation may have the incomplete grade changed to a letter grade after graduation within one year of graduation, upon completion of required work and submission of appropriate grade change process by the course instructor via the chairperson and college dean (see Grades of Incomplete).

Grade Forgiveness Policy
Grade forgiveness is restricted to undergraduate degree seeking students.

A completed “Grade Forgiveness Request” form must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar no later than the last day of classes of the semester in which the course is repeated. Forms are available from the Office of the Registrar.

Once a bachelor’s degree has been awarded by UWF, a student may not repeat a course and be forgiven the original grade in a course taken prior to graduation.

Beginning freshmen students are allowed two opportunities for grade forgiveness during their undergraduate program. Transfer students are permitted one forgiveness. Grade forgiveness is limited to courses (4 semester hours or less) numbered 1000-4999, in which grades are recorded on an “A-F” scale, including a “WF.” Students who are admitted and enroll their first semester as a first-time college freshman are considered beginning freshman. Contact the Office of Admissions for information on status.

If a course has been taken more than one time prior to the application for forgiveness, forgiveness can be used to replace only the most recently awarded grade.

A student may not exercise grade forgiveness by repeating at UWF a course which was initially taken elsewhere, nor may a course taken at UWF be repeated at another institution for forgiveness by UWF.

The grade forgiveness policy is not retroactive. To apply the grade forgiveness policy for all students, the second attempt at the course must have been taken subsequent to the Fall Semester 1986. For the second option for grade forgiveness for beginning freshman students, the second attempt must be the Fall Semester 1996 or later.

Grade forgiveness awarded for repeated courses will not retroactively alter any previous academic action. For example, a probation or disqualification status will not be removed from the records of the semester in which the student originally took the course.

Under unusual circumstances, a different but similar course may be used if the substitute course is approved by the student’s college dean.

If a student withdraws from a course repeated under the grade forgiveness policy, the attempt will count as an allowable attempt. However, the original grade will not be replaced with the “W” or “WF” received in the repeat attempt.

All grades will remain on the student’s official transcript. The original course grade will be annotated to indicate that the course has subsequently been repeated, and the repeat course grade will be annotated with the transcript containing explanations the course was repeated. The original grade will not be computed in the GPA or course hours included in hours earned except in a case in which the student withdraws from the repeated course or takes an incomplete grade.

If it is determined that the student is ineligible for the grade forgiveness policy, neither a refund of fees nor automatic withdrawal from the course will be made.

A student who has earned a letter grade “A-F” by proficiency exam may not repeat the course under the grade forgiveness policy.

The grade forgiveness option may not be exercised to remove a grade awarded in a case of academic misconduct.

G.I. Bill students and others receiving Veterans Administration educational benefits are advised that the forgiveness of any grade other than an unsatisfactory grade must be reported to the V.A. and may result in the retroactive reduction of benefits for the semester for which the forgiven grade was originally assigned. An unsatisfactory grade may be forgiven without similar consequences. Notify the Office of Veterans Services when utilizing the forgiveness option.

A. A. Degree Forgiveness Policy
Students who previously attended UWF, whether as degree-seeking or non-degree who subsequently earn an associate of arts degree at another Florida public institution, have the following options:

  1. All credit earned at UWF prior to earning the A.A. at another Florida public institution will be excluded from the number of hours earned towards a baccalaureate degree and from all calculations of the UWF GPA. The official academic record will reflect 60 semester hours of credit and completion of the General Studies and Gordon Rule requirements in accordance with the State Articulation Agreement. The UWF GPA will include only those courses completed from this point forward, and the student will be in good academic standing.
  2. Credit, status, and GPA earned at UWF remain the same. The transferable credit will be added to the total number of hours applicable to a baccalaureate degree and the A.A. degree will be posted. The student record will reflect completion of the General Studies and Gordon Rule requirements.

To be eligible for this policy, the student must transfer directly from the A.A. degree granting institution to UWF. All adjusted courses will remain on the transcript but they will not be calculated into the UWF GPA.

Grades of Incomplete
An incomplete (“I”) grade signifies that all course requirements have not been met. If circumstances exist beyond the control of the student, as determined by the instructor, the following applies:

  1. The instructor may assign a grade of “I,” provided the student has satisfactorily completed at least 70 percent of the course requirements and the student has a grade of at least C– or S (satisfactory) in coursework up to that point in time. Students who receive an involuntary call to active military duty should consult with their instructors.
  2. The “I” becomes an “F” at the end of the next academic semester unless the grade is changed by the instructor to a letter grade (“A”-”F”). The student is responsible for submitting a written request to the department for a grade change or extension prior to the end of the last instructional day of the semester.
  3. Students receiving grades of incomplete should NOT reregister for courses in which an “I” has been assigned.
  4. When assigning an incomplete grade (“I”), instructors should complete a “Report on Assignment of Incomplete Grade.” This will assist students in understanding the requirements for completing a course, and it will provide necessary information in the event the instructor is not available to monitor the completion of the requirements.
  5. An “I” grade will be converted to a “F” grade upon graduation if no other grade is submitted. Students may not graduate with an outstanding “I” grade.
  6. Graduated students having an “I,” which was converted to an automatic “F” or other incomplete grade for a course may have the grade changed to a letter grade within one year after receiving a degree. To change the grade, the student must complete the required work and the course instructor must submit the appropriate grade change form via the chairperson and the dean. For the purposes of honors designation, this grade change which replaces an incomplete grade subsequent to a student’s receiving a degree will not change the student’s baccalaureate honors associated with the degree. The student’s transcript will be annotated to show that the course requirements were completed after graduation.

Repeated Courses
A student may receive credit for a course only once regardless of how many times it is taken in transfer or at UWF. All attempts at UWF count in the GPA unless grade forgiveness is used (see Grade Forgiveness Policy).

Grade Appeal
Students should consult the Student Life Handbook for information regarding the grade appeal process. Grade appeals for courses cross-listed with another department within another college will be heard through the college housing the department, regardless of the departmental affiliation of the faculty member teaching the course.