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Semester offering codes corrected and posted on June 7, 2004.
SOP-Social Psychology

SOP 3004 Social Psychology . . . . . 3(F,S,SS)
Survey of theory, method, and research results in areas of social psychology, such as attitude formation and change, social perception/ cognition, impression formation, social influence, interpersonal attraction and relationships, aggression and pro-social behavior, and group dynamics. Application in areas such as work or health behavior, legal settings, or environmental psychology may also be included.

SOP 3662 Organizational Behavior . . . . . 3(F,S,SS)
Understanding human processes in formal organizations, utilizing individual and group exercises which simulate behavioral dynamics in organizations. Content areas include conflict resolution, communication, leadership, planning and control and other organizational processes. May not be taken for credit by students having credit for MAN 3240. MAN 3025 or equivalent is suggested prior to taking this course, but not required.

SOP 4702 Psychology and Gender . . . . . 3(F)
Prerequisite: PSY 2012.
Addresses the construction of gender as a psychological construct. The psychological construct of gender is considered from biological, social, and individual perspectives. Lecture, discussion, readings, and participative learning methods are used.

SOP 5609 Current Issues in Industrial-Organizational Psychology . . . . . 1(F,S)
Topics of current interest in industrial-organizational psychology. May include panel discussions, site visits to local organizations, guest speakers, individual student research presentations, or discussions led by the professor. Industrial-organizational psychology students must enroll for two consecutive terms.

SOP 5617 Modern Organizational Theory . . . . . 3(CALL DEPT)
Analysis of contemporary theories of organizations applicable to individual, group and system levels. Organizations treated generically with examples and applications drawn from both public and private sector. May not be taken for credit by students having credit for MAN 5204 or PAD 5107.

SOP 5665 Industrial-Organizational Psychology . . . . . 3(CALL DEPT)
Survey of application of psychology to work behavior, including such topics as job analysis and design, personnel selection and training, performance evaluation, work motivation, job satisfaction, and interpersonal and structural factors affecting job performance. Covers methods of research and practice, ethical and legal issues, theory and research results.

SOP 6069 Advanced Social Psychology . . . . . 3(S)
Prerequisite: SOP 3004.
Contribution of social psychology to understanding of human behavior: emphasis is on theory and research in major areas such as attitude, perception and attribution, attraction, altruism, group behavior, etc.

SOP 6668 Organizational Change and Development . . . . . 3(F)
Prerequisite: INP 6397 or SOP 6669.
Organizational development: change agentry, role of self in O.D., change theory, feedback methodology, relationship building, team building and quality, Lab learning methodology. Expanded emphasis on field work and application can follow as MAN 6943. May not be taken for credit by students having credit for MAN 6285.

SOP 6669 Advanced Organizational Psychology . . . . . 3(F)
Seminar reviewing much of the recent research literature in areas of organizational psychology, including leadership, motivation, job performance, job satisfaction, role behavior in work settings and communications. May not be taken for credit by students having credit for MAN 6209.

SOP 6776 Human Sexuality and Sex Therapy . . . . . 3(SS)
Major emphasis is given to research regarding a broad range of sexual dysfunctions and analyses of specific therapeutic interventions. Various styles of sexual expression are also examined in terms of their social and psychological implications. Assumes prior knowledge of counseling theory and practice.