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Change of Student Information
Change of local, permanent, and emergency contact addresses; name; or other information affecting the student's permanent academic record may be completed by currently enrolled students through COMPASS at compass.uwf.edu. Forms are also available through the Office of the Registrar.

Death of a Student
In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, the University of West Florida's policy regarding the disposition of records held pertaining to a deceased student state that the privacy interests of an individual expire with that individual's death.

Confidentiality of Student Records & Directory Information
The disclosure or publication of student information is governed by the policies of the University of West Florida and the Board of Education within the framework of State and Federal laws, including the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974. The written consent of the student is required for the disclosure or publication of any information which is (a) personally identifiable of the student and (b) a part of the educational record. Directory information will be released unless otherwise specified by the student (see Item C). However, certain exceptions to that generality, both in types of information which can be disclosed and in access to that information, are allowed within the regulations of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, as described below:
  1. Right of Privacy - Every student shall have a right of privacy with respect to their educational records. Personally identifiable records or reports of a student, and any personal information contained therein, are confidential and exempt from the provisions of Florida Statutes. The University of West Florida will not permit the release of such records, reports, or information without the written consent of the student's parent or guardian, or of the student if the student is qualified as provided in this subsection, to any individual, agency, or organization. These exemptions are subject to the Open Government Sunset Review Act in accordance with Florida Statutes. However, personally identifiable records or reports of a student may be released without the consent of the student or the parent to (or for):

    1. Officials of the University with a legitimate educational interest,

    2. Certain government agencies,

    3. Accrediting organizations,

    4. Certain financial aid matters,

    5. Certain research circumstances,

    6. Health and safety emergencies,

    7. A court pursuant to subpoena, and

    8. As otherwise provided by law.

  2. Subject to statutory conditions and limitations, prior consent of the student is not required for disclosure of certain types of information for:

    1. Portions of the educational record for which the student has signed a waiver;

    2. Portions of the educational record which are exempted by law, including records of law enforcement agencies of the University; employment records of the student within University personal records of instructional, supervisory or administrative personnel; and alumni records related to that student; and

    3. Records transmitted to another school or school system in which the student seeks or intends to enroll, since the University generally forwards these on request.

    More specific information regarding such exempted information can be obtained from the Office of the Registrar. For the complete text of the applicable statutes, refer to Florida Statutes.

  3. Under the provisions of the Family Educational Rights Privacy Act, students have the right to withhold disclosure of the information listed below. These items are designated as "Directory Information" and may be released by this university to noninstitutional persons or organizations.

    Requests to withhold directory information will be honored and must be directed to the Office of the Registrar. Students may also request privacy of directory information through COMPASS. The University will not assume responsibility to contact students for subsequent permission for release of these items. The University assumes no liability for honoring requests that such information be withheld.

    The information listed below may be released or published by the University unless exception is made in writing by the student.

    1. Options for printed and/or verbal release prohibited (does not include Electronic Directory Release):

      Category I
           Name, address, telephone number, dates of attendance, e-mail address.

      Category II
           Most recent previous institution attended, major field of study, awards,
           honors (includes Deans' list), degrees conferred (including dates).

      Category III
           Past and present participation in officially recognized sports and activities,
           physical factors (height, weight of athletes) date and place of birth.

      Category IV
           Commencement Program (name and degree at time of graduation).

      Category V
           News releases (at time of graduation).

    2. Students may choose to restrict all or a portion of their directory information from the electronic directory by checking:

      1. No restrictions

      2. Suppress all information

      3. Suppress home address only

      4. Suppress home phone only

      5. Suppress home address and phone.

      Students who wish to have the privacy flag removed from their permanent academic record must contact the Office of the Registrar in writing. NOTE that electronic release of information is separate from other printed and verbal release.

  4. Request to prevent publication of directory information: Students may inform the University in writing of their desire to prevent publication of such directory information or release of such information except as required by law. Appropriate forms for such action are made available in the Office of the Registrar or through COMPASS. Students having questions regarding the confidentiality of records or specific requests concerning their records should contact the Office of the Registrar.

  5. Rights of Parent, Guardian, or Student: The parent or guardian of any student who attends or has attended any public institution of higher education in Florida shall have the rights noted below with respect to any records or reports created, maintained, and used by any public educational institution in the State. When a student has attained 18 years of age or is attending an institution of postsecondary education, the permission or consent required of, and the rights accorded to, the parents of the student shall thereafter be required of and accorded to the student only, unless the student is a dependent student of such parents as defined in the Internal Revenue Code of 1954. The State Board of Education shall formulate, adopt, and promulgate rules whereby parents, guardians, or students may exercise these rights:

    1. Right of access:

      1. Such parent, guardian, or student shall have the right, upon request directed to the appropriate official, to be provided with a list of types of records and reports, directly related to students, as maintained by the institution which the student attends or has attended.

      2. Such parent, guardian, or student shall have the right, upon request, to be shown any record or report relating to such student maintained by any public educational institution.

      3. Copies of any list, record or report requested under the provisions of this paragraph shall be furnished to the parent, guardian, or student upon request. However, access to any report or record requested under these provisions shall be granted within 30 days after receipt of such request by the institution.

    2. Right of waiver of access to confidential letters or statements: Such parent, guardian, or student shall have the right to waive the right of access to letters or statements of recommendation or evaluation, except that such waiver shall apply to recommendations or evaluations only if:

      1. The parent, guardian, or student is, upon request, notified of the names of all persons submitting confidential letters or statements; and

      2. Such recommendations or evaluations are used solely for the purpose for which they were specifically intended.

      3. Such waivers may not be required as a condition for admission to, receipt of financial aid from, or receipt of any other services or benefits from any public agency or public educational institution in this State.

    3. Right to challenge and hearing: Such parent, guardian, or student shall have the right to challenge the content of any record or report to which such person is granted access under paragraph (1), to ensure that the record or report is not inaccurate, misleading, or otherwise in violation of the privacy or other rights of the student and to provide an opportunity for the correction, deletion, or expunction of any inaccurate, misleading, or otherwise inappropriate data or material contained therein.