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To provide students time to prepare for final examinations and other end-of-course assignments, the University maintains the following dead week policy. There is a designated period each semester during which no written examination, test, or quiz will be given. Refer to the Academic Calendar for specific dates for each semester.

Laboratory components of courses will be excluded, and the last regularly scheduled day of such classes may be used for final examinations. Oral presentations and other non-written activities will be permitted. Examinations rescheduled for the benefit of individual students will be allowed.

Instructors who believe their ability to evaluate students adequately in a particular course is jeopardized or impaired by this rule may petition, in writing, their respective college dean for an exception for the particular course. All exceptions shall be reported to the Academic Vice President, who will make a summary report each semester to the Faculty Senate for their information.

No intercollegiate athletic events may be added after midterm to the schedule during dead week, with the exception of tournament-type play for which a berth has been earned by a team or individual player as a result of earlier competition.