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Semester offering codes corrected and posted on June 7, 2004.
MSL-Military Science and Leadership

MSL 1001 Foundations of Officership . . . . . 1(F)
Introduces freshmen-level students to issues and competencies that are central to a commissioned officer's responsibilities. These initial lessons establish a framework for understanding officership, leadership, and Army values. Additionally, "life skills" including fitness and time management are addressed. Designed to give the student accurate insight into the Army profession and the officer's role within the Army. Material and supply fee will be assessed.

MSL 1002 Basic Leadership . . . . . 1(S)
Establishes foundation of basic leadership fundamentals such as problem solving, communications, briefings and effective writing, goal setting, techniques for improving listening and speaking skills, and an introduction to counseling. Material and supply fee will be assessed.

MSL 2101 Individual Leadership Studies . . . . . 2(F)
Designed to develop cadet's knowledge of self, self-confidence, and individual leadership skills. Cadets develop problem solving and critical thinking skills, and apply communication, feedback and conflict resolution skills through experiential learning activities. Material and supply fee will be assessed.

MSL 2102 Leadership and Teamwork . . . . . 2(S)
Study examines how to build successful teams, various methods for influencing action, effective communication in setting and achieving goals, the importance of timing the decision, creativity in the problem solving process, and obtaining team buy-in through immediate feedback. Material and supply fee will be assessed.

MSL 3201 Leadership and Problem Solving . . . . . 3(F)
Enables a student with no prior military or cadet experience to quickly learn essential cadet knowledge and skills necessary for integration into the cadet battalion and successful performance of key cadet tasks. Introduction to physical fitness and well-being, the Leadership Development Program, small unit tactics, and a detailed examination of officership are covered during the term. Material and supply fee will assessed. Permission is required.

MSL 3202 Leadership and Ethics . . . . . 3(S)
Examines the role communications, values, and ethics play in effective leadership. Topics include ethical decision-making, consideration of others, spirituality in the military, and survey Army leadership doctrine. Emphasis on improving oral and written communication abilities. Material and supply fee will be assessed. Permission is required.

MSL 4301 Leadership and Management . . . . . 3(F)
Prerequisite: MSL 3201.
Designed to teach all knowledge, skills, and attitudes essential for commissioning as a second lieutenant, and to establish a sound foundation for a career as a commissioned Army officer. The lessons allow the students to form broader perspectives, deeper insights, and more robust problem solving abilities, by the use of case studies and simulations that require the use of skills and knowledge learned in class. Will overview Army operations and training management, communications and leadership skills, and supports the beginning of the final transition from cadet to lieutenant. Permission is required. Material and supply fee will be assessed.

MSL 4302 Officership . . . . . 3(S)
Study includes case study analysis of military law and practical exercises on establishing an ethical command climate. Students must complete a semester long Senior Leadership Project that requires them to plan, organize, collaborate, analyze, and demonstrate their leadership skills. Permission is required. Material and supply fee will be assessed.

MSL 4400 United States Military History . . . . . 3(S)
Wars of the United States from Colonial times to the present, with major emphasis on the more important conflicts, analyzing each as to its causes, conduct and consequences, with special reference to the principles of war. Geared to ROTC majors, also open to history majors and other interested upper-level students. Permission is required.